It’s Here! Film Release in Marin County!

After five long years . . . a group of international artists made it happen! We are ready to share a story of inspiration, one to showcase the values of kindness, generosity and humility with the power of diversity and world music to unite us all!

This film is my take back – a childhood dream I had to play the guitar after I lost my lessons when my family went broke. My father took a stand for political honesty in the 1981 union strike of air traffic controllers. He broke his federal contract, risked arrest and heavy fines. We endured years of emotion and financial turmoil.

My hope with our film is for us all to gain the power to rise and take a stand for the values we want in this country . . . and we could do it. Neto says, “believe in yourself to live the dream.” Believe in yourself.

Film Screening at the Smith Rafael Theater on June 10! Neto also performs the day before at the Fairfax Festival. Join the fun!!!

The theater will definitely sell out – so, get your tickets fast!


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