The Aftershock of Neoliberal Education: Notes from”The Sub”
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For over one year Barbara McVeigh served as a substitute teacher in San Francisco and Marin County public schools in California. In that effort, she had opportunity to observe and learn about our current state of public education. She often witnessed and experienced daily trauma, abuse and often times a disregard for what should be natural – a respect toward another human being. Her notes herein are not meant to shame or blame, they are to expose a toxic system of disrespect and inadequate schooling so we can reconcile the challenges we have as a means to heal and reshape who and what we are as California and as an American society.

Warning, Your Oxygen Is Low
A Novella

Help write the story! A community impact project. The bones of the story have been created . . . time to take down the elites and we will write the story.

A time of global economic and fossil fuel industry collapse, a coup by the most powerful tech company coup takes control of the people’s oxygen,  new “gold,” Patricia’s father leads Fresh Oxygen Naturally, Inc, the foremost company invested in the oxygen industry and controls with fear and domination. He grooms her for his empire but then learns of his plot to murder thousands to create the ideal society for her. Patricia escapes, to run from this horror. By luck, she discovers her mother, who she thought was dead long ago, is alive and leading an underground secret society maintaining the traditions of Earth’s natural law. How does Patricia unite the two with love instead of hate and revenge? How will she risk her own life to do so for a new age of hope?

How Ronald Reagan Nearly Ruined My Life

– A Memoir –

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Five star review: “Barbara McVeigh bares it all in her memoir and takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery where she uncovers hard truths. Her story is an inspiration to us all.

Shattered Glass Under the Desert Sun
– A Novella –

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It took the turmoil of Chinese anarchy, an earthquake, and the fall of the Berlin Wall for my mama to grow up. It was 1989, the year I became a teenager, so you can say we were growing up together. But, the growing pains were tough, especially when you’re in the middle of nowhere, along a highway, where everyone else seems to have a better place to go.”

Shattered Glass Under the Desert Sky told through the eyes of Suzy, a 12 year old girl being raised by Mama Betty and Mac, a Vietnam Vet, who runs a burger joint, “the best burger joint in the world,” along a highway, in the middle of Nevada which draws many regulars whom Suzy has known since she was a baby. Mama seeks to find a good daddy for Suzy and live a good life until she and Suzy discover that fairy tales and the myth of the American dream life are as fragile as glass. Yet once the glass breaks, beautiful truths break free too releasing pure freedom.

Pop! Crack! Explode! A Tale of Stones and Seeds

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A tale about a bully rock and sensitive seed with a surprise about the power of life and respect. This book is not just an environmental story, but it contains deep-seeded truths about humanity and the cycles of life.