Two Dreams. Two Borders.

Dream big and always stay positive.

I’m pretty sure I met a saint in the cornfields of the Guatemalan mountains. She is the mother of Gaby and I was lucky enough to live the life of Gaby, an immigrant to the United States who has not seen her mother for 17 years.

The original intention was to meet the family of Claudia, the young 20 year old Maya Indigenous woman who was shot point blank in the head at our borders on May 23.  When I did meet the beautiful parents who live in a small Mayan mountainous community, they warmly welcomed me and allowed me to share letters from across our country, words of hope and love believing that there is a better way to solve our border issues than that of violence.

Thank you to the San Francisco Immigration Legal and Education Network, The Unitarian Church in San Antonio, Texas, the Methodist Church of San Rafael, United Airlines,  International Artists of Marin, Seahorse Restaurant in Sausalito and many individuals for their support and sponsorship of this journey.

I am currently working with Gaby Mazariegos and Rina Santizo for a presentation about Guatemala and their dreams of El Norte. I’ll share my journey of meeting some of the most beautiful people in the world – mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, farmers and more – those who carry big dreams and can teach Americans values of simplicity, kindness, generosity and community.  More to come!