Film – The Man Behind The White Guitar


Guiting Power, UK Screening
March, 2019

We had a great film premier in England the first week of March. Thank you to the wonderful village of Guiting Power to set the standards of what community is all about! With a great performance by the Netoband Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club to another show at Guiting Power, we showed the film to a great audience and celebrated!

Valentine’s Day, 2019 – It’s official!


The film has been launched!

On February 14, with love in their hearts, the film team officially submitted The Man Behind the White Guitar to international film festivals and celebrated with chocolates at a private screening at Marin TV in San Rafael, CA.

We will update events on the film website and Facebook page. Thank you to many for incredible support in what now marks a five year international project bringing the best of people together to tell the story about values of humility, kindness, generosity, trust and, of course, the power of the guitar and world music!

For more music by José Neto, check out his website




From left to right: Barbara McVeigh, Frank Martin, Jose Neto, Margot Van Riper, Omid Shamsapour


Film poster hot off the press!






November, 2018

We’re in final production of the documentary film The Man Behind The White Guitar about the life and music of Brazilian Guitarist Jose Neto. Funded Deborah Santana, Do A Little Fund. The Film Collaborative is our Fiscal Sponsor.

The film features living legacies Harry Belafonte, Steve Winwood, Narada Michael Walden, Flora Purim, Airto Moreira and others. We look to shine the light on a guitarist who has been “in service to music, not fame or money,” as Paul Liberatore, Journalist of the Marin Independent Journals says.

Filmmakers: Barbara McVeigh, Michael Richard, Margot Van Riper, Omid Shamsapour, Ronaldo Aguiar, Kimberly Blum and Taylor Griffith.


dscn9688“They’re going to make a movie about Neto? Well he’s brilliant, isn’t he?” – 92-year-old baker Ms. Watson from the Cotswolds in England.

A spectrum of people, voices, and textures, “The Man Behind the White Guitar” is a film about the musical life of Brazilian guitarist, José Neto. Neto’s music and energy have been behind major world musicians, including Harry Belafonte and Steve Winwood, as well as Brazilian greats, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira. His diverse musical journey from Brazil to the United States and England and deep life challenges have taught him the values of loyalty, devotion, and positive vision that speak through his sounds and performing spirit. He’s touched the lives of the most unsuspecting fans worldwide.

Photo by Joao Gomes