Jimmy Carter Jamboree


Action and energy are building! We have events lining up in Marin County again to celebrate President Jimmy Carter, our 39th president, who has left for us a legacy of inspiration. And we are celebrating! Check out the website http://www.jimmycarterjamboree.org for more information!




We had a great week in Marin County celebrating President Jimmy Carter’s 93rd Birthday week! Starting with a heart high in the sky next to the sun, we celebrated the beginning of a new tribute to a great leader, one that our country is beginning to recognize had vision before his time! We had a successful film screening of A Road Not Taken at the Showcase Theater, sponsored by College of Marin, Community Media Center of Marin and Marin Artists Network and other events including music and fundraiser for Mexico and Puerto Rico!

Take a look at our great week, with tributes from Congressman Jared Huffman and other elected officials, who stand for honesty and integrity.


I am so pleased to have worked on the greatest project in our country, one that helps us understand how right Trump has been – our media is fake and we’ve been living with lies for 35 years.

I have been so proud to help give light to Carter’s incredible vision and wisdom at this given time on our country’s history. Now we can understand why the Republican Party does not want to acknowledge Climate Change . . . it’s because the Hero of the Republican Party, Ronald Reagan, is the source of our entire global ecological collapse. When the Republican Party loses their hero, their entire party collapses.

It’s time the Reagan Museum in Simi Valley, California becomes a museum for big business political propaganda so we can understand how corrupt leaders and big money can take down an entire planet. And we use it as a center for global environmental leaders to push for new sustainable agricultural policies, fair business practices and strong educational models as we understand the power behind greed and corruption.

It’s time for power back to the people – those who are kind, generous and think of others beside their own political self interest.

Jimmy Carter is the model for the new age – for 20/20 clear vision.