It’s Not Bernie. 
The Dem’s War Against President Jimmy Carter

Carter won the war, without ever firing a shot.

“Who is Jimmy Carter?” I asked in a public high school classroom, an ice breaker I’d use for my entire year as a substitute teacher in Marin County and San Francisco County schools.

“A baseball player?”
“A terrorist?”
“Wasn’t he that really bad president?”

Out of the entire year of over a thousand students I might have gotten one or two answers right, that he was a president. But even then they had no further idea about his historical significance until they Googled him on their phones. “Oh, he was a peanut farmer.”

It’s time to reflect on the words of President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 speech “Crisis of Confidence” when you recognize his administration’s work on climate change, peace and human rights carries a story to shine a light on the absolute horror of these last forty years. You can understand today why Democrats and Republicans would work hard to shun President Jimmy Carter. He makes them all look like criminals. And maybe they are.

“Have purpose,” Carter said to the people when he recognized a growing shift in the American psyche – a drive toward materialism. Following two decades of counter culture, creating new boundaries of American identity, feminism, civil rights and environmental ethos, ultimately the 60s generation cashed out under Ronald Reagan’s policies of Reaganomics (trickle down economics) and crushed working class unions, creating today’s billionaire and working poor castes. But, that’s not all. Denis Hayes, Author of the 1976 book Rays of Hope, Transition to a Post Petroleum World, published by the Worldwatch Institute, who also served in the Carter Administration, says “had Carter gotten a second term, we would not be dealing with climate change like we are today. We were already experiencing changes in the 1970s.”

It’s valid to say the 60s generation brought not only Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles, but after their big talks and fancy parties, they also brought global climate change and the collapse or our American economy, pitting us in disaster for years to come. It’s not a surprise of the millionaire status of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Ringo now does shoe ads for a multibillion dollar corporation.

If Jimmy Carter was a Democrat, why are the Democrats not heralding Carter who tried to stop climate change? The answer is simple. The Democrats grew in line with the Republicans when you recognize the leaders of the Dems herald Reagan, the very president whose policies brought us these economic and environmental policy disasters. Take Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, for example. Ten years ago, Pelosi removed the abolitionist Starr King’s statue in Washington DC to replace it with President Ronald Reagan – a statue to represent the State of California. D-California Governor Newsom created a Ronald Reagan Day to honor Reagan. Several years ago President Ronald Reagan was inducted into the US Labor Hall of Fame despite the fact his crushing of the 1981 National Union Strike led to the collapse of unions across the country. The Democrats have embraced the GOP leader whose policies have ruined not only our country, but arguably the entire planet, yet they contine to point fingers at the GOP.

One has to reflect on that time under Carter whose administration was sabotaged as he boldly stood up to OPEC, the oil giants, with a vision to transform our country into clean energy, likely believing that the people would understand the value and wisdom of such a transformation. Denis Hayes and I discussed in my interview that when you consider who the players are behind OPEC, those with their own military mercenaries around the world doing their dirty oil business bidding, that’s it’s a that wonder Jimmy Carter wasn’t assassinated. The GOP machine under Ronald Reagan came in fast and furious, with enough Hollywood shimmer and glitz to dazzle the country, with the oil giants behind him, leading us into these forty years of wars and exploitation that make The Vietnam War look like small potatoes.

Carter could have become authoritarian, on a Trump like level, to make the energy and environmental changes needed back in the 1970s. Had he done so, we would have avoided 40 years of oil wars and environmental disasters. today we’d be leading a green economy. So, we could blame Carter for our problems today, except for one inconvenient and hard truth – Carter believes in Democracy and when he said “I am not going to do this alone,” he provided the greatest gift to the people of this country to rise and take their own power “as the people”.

Carter’s respect for our American Constitution and the will of the people are the lessons we can learn from Carter today. Most of the students of the public schools believed that Carter is dead today. “No, he’s very much alive,” I answered. If there were ever a time to shine a light on a leader who has walked the talk and preached to humanity the values confidence, grace, peace and humility, both as a President and a Sunday School teacher, it’s President Jimmy Carter.

We have forty years to look back on to witness the dark shadow of greed, wars and exploitation that Carter had to face himself as a leader, and that truth can today give us rise as an entire nation to heed his calling in 1979 “have confidence.” It’s not too late.

Carter won the war, without ever firing a shot.

California governor 2022 – Barbara mcveigh

My Position

Some call it bold, others may say “it’s time.” I, Barbara McVeigh, state my candidacy for California Governor 2022 to usher in a state for the people and by the people. It’s time for a governor to stick up for the people. That is my pledge.

Come join us as we revolutionize California’s economy to meet the needs of the people and reshape educational opportunities, support health initiatives and take a stand for the health of our oceans, land and water.

Environment: Our children are facing a crisis which has been building for the last 40 years after a presidency in the late 1970s who tried to stop greenhouse gasses, understanding the threat which we feel today. Between massive land areas no longer ripe for agriculture and depleted of their natural biome to polluted water, we need to heal and we can do it. Many organizations have risen to address restoration efforts with success. Other lands are being poisoned with pesticides and we need a stronger organic food and “power to the people and local communities” to grow sustainable foods to cut transportation pollution. Our forests are burning. Why? They have been grossly mismanaged when you consider forests had been the food source for the native tribes and were managed for thousands of years. Let us reshape how we work with our forests to create new local food sources and support power back to our indigenous people of California, respectfully.

Education: Why is it that wealthy families have educational choice, but others do not? When we recognize the pay inequalities and what has become nothing but exploitation of workers to empower those with wealth, we can recognize “we, the people” are once again being exploited when we can’t even choose a school for our children that meets our values. I support a voucher system for students, an act that will help diversify our educational models. An emphasis will be placed on learning about our natural world with experiential opportunities, all of which should be a child’s right to understand and engage in the natural world. In a time when technology and screen time dominates our children’s lives, we need a counter to what many call, including those from Silicon Valley, a rise to respect our children’s natural learning and real life experiences.

Health: Our health is in a crisis, and it’s not just about “Covid”. Our corporations are dominating our food culture with advertising and lobbyists that do not serve us. In fact, their approach is making us unhealthy as they cash out. With the rise of obesity and diabetes crippling our nation, we need a movement to support our own ability to make wise decisions and strive toward healthy living. That comes with healthy food, education and opportunities to engage in what should be a joyful renaissance of cultural renewal in our state as we take charge.

Economy: I grew up middle class. Our neighbors were lawyers, school teachers and janitors. Apparently living like that today is called socialism. It’s not and we continue to be misguided with the elites telling us how to think and what to feel with fear driven methods. We are not stupid. For forty years, our economy has been supporting elites as it sabotages the workers. With today’s gross economic injustices, I will be taking a firm position in adjusting our economy to work for the workers. We have opportunity to support co-op establishments, employee owned businesses and unions. This is not radical at all. My position is merely an adjustment of 40 years of businesses taking advantage of the working people when trickle down economics have devastated the middle class and created the billionaire class, an empowered class that is destroying our democracy.

Immigration/Central America: It is time to build relationships with our good neighbors of Mexico and Central America and recognize the need for reparation based on the injustices of the wars of the 1980s when our country supported right wing militias, brutally killing the Indigenous Mayans and peasants who were taking a stand for their rights. Is it a wonder there is a vast migration of people leaving their country when the only source of income for many is ushering escapes from what has grown into vast corruption? California has continued to grossly exploit these same people here in California with low paying agricultural work and other service jobs that have led to horric abuse and hardship. It’s high time to respect and honor the people as we build a new relationship, one based on trust, education and health with our southern neighbors.

Join our movement. It’s high time “we, the people” take charge, empower ourselves with our diversity and strength, and show the rest of the country how California does business. We will take care of our own and stand with our neighbors as we dance into a new era that is healing for us all, one based on equality, generosity, nurturing, healing and joy.