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Tune into Channel 26 in Marin County or Charlie Siler and I have lined up inspirational game changers, those who are helping us, the people, steer the course of environmental responsibility and stewardship.

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Find more resources and inspiration on Charlie Siler’s Climate Showdown!

Season 5, January – April, coming soon!:

Season 4:

November 21 – Kim Scheibly of Marin Sanitary and Laura Vernon of Sustainable Fairfax talk with Barbara McVeigh and Charlie Siler about the challenges of waste and recycling. Click here for show. 


November 14 – Zoe Cina-Sklar of Amazon Watch joins Barbara McVeigh and Charlie Siler for a discussion of how California’s oil consumption and carbon credits play a role in the destruction of Amazon rainforests. Show can be seen here.


November 7 –Cassie King of Direct Action Everywhere, talks to Charlie Siler and Barbara McVeigh about the role of public activism in challenging animal factories and promoting veganism. Show can be seen here.


October 30 – Etelle Higonnet of the environmental pressure group Mighty Earth talks with Barbara McVeigh and Charlie Siler about the global chocolate industry and its role in deforestation. Show can be seen here.


October 23 – Joshua Fouts, executive director of the long-running Bioneers conference, talks with Charlie Siler and Barbara McVeigh about the gathering seeks to improve our world. Show can be seen here.


October 16 – Steve Dunwoody of UCLA’s Center for Diverse Leadership talks with Charlie Siler and Barbara McVeigh about ways to increase diversity in the work of science.. Show can be seen here.


October 9 – ADAM SCOW, California Director of Food & Water Watch, talks with Charlie Siler about the states problems with food safety and water. Click here for show.



October 2 – The Father of the Solar Age, President Jimmy Carter Tribute
It’s the Jimmy Carter Jamboree week and we will honor Carter with a film made in 1980 by Robert Redford called The Solar Film and talk to one the White House solar installer Tom Strumolo, of Energy General LLC, who has never abandoned Carter’s vision for the power of the sun. Click here for show.


September 25 –Alvina Wong with the Asian Pacific Environmental Network talks with Charlie Siler and Barbara McVeigh about the environmental justice movement and how to get away from the extractive economy. Also we hear a talk by the respected Tom Goldtooth at the Global Environmental Summit in San Francisco. Alvina Wong show can be seen here.



April 24 – Doclands Hits San Rafael!
Joni Cooper
, Director of Programming for the upcoming Doclands Film Festival joins us to share the festivals upcoming environmentally oriented films. Their keynote speaker this year is Louie Psihoyos, Director of Racing Extinction (which will be screened) and The Cove. The festival hits San Rafael May 3-6 and it’s a powerhouse line up of films. Click here for show.


May 1 – David Herlocker Tribute
David Herlocker, one of Marin County’s most respected and beloved Interpretive Naturalist, joins PEN to talk about his 20 year career and what has driven his passion with Marin County Parks. He’s been a leader of environmental education for both world renown biologists, parents and children. His retirement party is scheduled for May 5.



May 15  Interview with Gayle McLaughlin, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
Gayle McLaughlin visits the People’s Environmental News to talk about her progressive work in Richmond, California and her run for Lieutenant Governor of the state. Click here for show.


May 22
Ginger Souders-Mason of Pestide Free Zone joins us for a hard talk about pesticides and GMOS. Wait! Haven’t we already had this conversation with Rachel Carson years ago? What happened?


May 29 – Big Ocean Talk! Get inspired!
Michael Stocker of Ocean Research Conservation returns to talk about Trump’s offshore drilling, noise and plastic pollution and the upcoming Washington D.C. Michael Reppy joins us to talk about his advocacy work with marine mammals. Time to get real and time to get inspired!


June 5 – Whale Sanctuary Project (Audience event!)
Lori Marino, President of The Whale Sanctuary, joins us in studio to discuss the launch of the 2020 Whale Sanctuary. Louie Psihoyos, director of The Cove, is documenting the Whale Sanctuary Project, and serves as an Advisor as do ocean advocates Carl Safina, Dr. Sylvia Earle and others across the country. Learn what you can do to help captive whales be moved to natural seaside sanctuaries! Click here for the show.




April 3 – Deep Sea Mining
Liz Taylor of DOER Marine is no rookie to the ocean environmental movement. As the daughter of Dr. Sylvia Earle, she’s grown up with the ocean and understands our deep need to understand it beyond surface levels. We talk about Project Deep Hope, Mission Blue and Hope Spots in our oceans. Click here for show.


March 27 – Interview filmmaker Mark Kitchell, documentary on Evolution of Organics to be screened in San Rafael early April. Click here for show.



March 20 – Climate Diet and Animal Compassion
Lisa Baffi
of 350 Marin joins us with her passion to talk about how our diets are sending greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. There is a plan to help us curb our bad habits. Monica List from Atlanta, GA works as an Animal Welfare Specialist for Compassion in World Farming USA. Join us for this inspirational conversation and get active. Click here for show.


March 13 – Interview with Etelle Higgonet of Mighty Earth about ethical agricultural practices. She’s back with more chocolate news. Also local Steve Adler of Sacred Chocolates talks how his product lines up with the values – how does his company do it? ***Click here for show***




March 6 – Big Ocean Talk
Executive Director, Ana Blanco of San Francisco’s International Ocean Film Festival, talks about the upcoming films and major issues that we all need to address. It’s their 15th anniversary. David McGuire of Earth Island Institute talks about the offshore drilling concerns. March 9 is final day for public comments. Click here for show.



February 27 – Mountain Top Removal and the People of Appalachia
Lifelong resident of Appalachia, Maria Gunroe has fought against environmentally-devastating mountaintop removal mining and valley operations for years. A recipient of the Goldman Prize of North America, she joins us via Skype to talk about the devastation of her own community, the film Blood on the Mountain (available on Netflix)and the hope that drives her for a positive sustainable community. Click here for show.


February 20 – The Organic Market and GMO Battles – Why Should We Care?
Local Mark Squire of Marin County’s Good Earth Natural Foods and Stacy Malcan of US Right to Know talk about new issues facing the organic market and the GMO battles against Monsanto. You’ll be surprised and be driven to action after this conversation about your food and what you’re feeding your children. Click here for show.



February 13 – Local Activism – How to Get Involved!
Kim Rago of Environmental Forum of Marin talks about her organization that has been educating our community on environmental advocacy and issues since 1972! Also, 12 year old Aislinn of Heirs to our Oceans gives us an update on last week’s offshore drilling rally in Sacramento. Learn how to get involved and say “NO” to offshore drilling.






February 6 – Offshore Drilling in California
Michael Stocker of Ocean Research Conservation and Richard Charter, Senior Fellow at
The Ocean Foundation, join us to talk about Trump’s threat to drill off the shores of California. Major protests are lining up. Why more oil when we are facing ocean acidification? Time to get real.  Check it out here!



Season One:

November 21 – Chocolate and Nature Connection
Etelle Higonnet of Mighty Earth returns to the show with great news for chocolate lovers who are concerned about deforestation in Ghana and Ivory Coast. And, Marin County local Mia Andler of Vilda talks about connecting youth to our own local forests of Marin County, demonstrating the power of nature education and stewardship practices. Click here for show.


November 14 – Diana Cohen of Plastic Pollution Coalition joins PEN to talk about global environmental disaster and what we can do about it. Click here for show.




November 7 – Barbara McVeigh and Charlie Siler are joined by Matt Edling of the law firm Sher Edling, along with Marin County Supervisor Kate Sears, to discuss the county’s lawsuit against the world’s biggest oil companies. Click here for the show.



October 31 – Barbara McVeigh and Charlie Siler are joined by Tamra Peters, executive director of Resilient Neighborhoods, a grassroots organization that helps people cut their CO2 emissions. Click here for the show.



October 24 – The Keystone XL Pipeline battle is far from over. Now it’s in courts. Activist Frank Egger and Environmental Lawyer Stephan Volker talk about the first hearing in Montana of their lawsuit filed against The United States and why this battle is pivotal of the health of the planet. Delta Tunnels, another big water project is discussed and what this project means to citizens of California. Click here for show.

October 17 – Northern California Fires: Charlie and Barbara cover the scene and hear from those fighting and surviving the devastating Northern California fires. Jim Kasper of Fire Safe Marin joins them in studio to discuss how to get ready for the possibility of wildfire in Marin. “We are not prepared,” he said. Click here for show.


October 10Chocolate! It’s a bitter story about our love affair with chocolate, a major source of deforestation and child labor. Charlie and Barbara talk to Estelle Higonnett of Mighty Earth. Click here for show.


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.00.30 AMOctober 3 – Barbara and Charlie talk about solar energy and give tribute to President Jimmy Carter on the week of his 93rd birthday. Guests and interviews with Larry Schweiger, CEO of PennFuture and Tom Strumolo, installer of Carter solar panels in 1979. Click here for show.



September 26 – We talk trash! Why is it so complicated? Time to clean up our act! Guests from Marin Sanitary helps with the chore and educate us. Click here for show.



September 19 – We talk to the young ocean activists Heirs to Our Oceans! Listen to these brilliant kids and be humbled by what they have to say! They are taking a stand for their future and our oceans! Click here for show.




April 22 – Earth Day Celebrations at CMCM! It’s a party! Get tickets soon for live broadcasts and more. Special keynote speaker joins us. Tickets on sale now!


April 26, 7pm – SPECIAL FILM EVENT
A Road Not Taken about President Jimmy Carter‘s energy and conservation policies – this Swiss made film will rewrite everything you think you know about the “Father of the Solar Age.” Event is free. Fairfax Library. Barbara and Charlie present. Free.


May 11  – PEN’s Inaugural Fundraising Event!
It’s known as the best kept secret in Marin County – Dan & Julie’s Magical Pinball and Jukebox Arcade! It’s a party with music and dancing! Charlie plays some tunes and Barbara gives her first ever stand up comedy act (don’t laugh!). Thanks to Dan Fontes and Julie Lucchesi and to International Artists Network! Suggested donation $20. Email for private location –

3 thoughts on “TV – People’s Environmental News

  1. April Peebler

    In a time where it feels as though we are fighting against all odds, including mainstream media, Barbara McVeigh’s dedication to ensuring that oppressed or marginalized voices are heard is refreshing, hopeful and community building. We were so happy to have been invited on Barbara’s radio talk show and People’s Environmental News TV show in to share the youth perspective regarding what is happening to the planet and how it has and will continue to affect future generations. Thank you Barbara for opening doors in discussions, boldly and courageously. With gratitude, April Peebler, Executive Director, Heirs To Our Oceans.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mariposa de Los Angeles

    Barbara this is great! Wonderful to learn and hear all about the environment/climate etc issues and all the valuable work you and Charlie are doing. Both of you set a great example for others, as human kind transition into the challenge for a healthier planet and healthier self. Speaking of, I woke this morning thinking about our next Earth Day which will be the 50th Earth Day anniversary, 2020! We need to do something really special, and need to start now so that we can make it an amazing event. A blog for only Environmental-climate-Earth issues, where we can share, voice ideas for next year’s Marin Earth Celebration, and Marin Earth Day.. #CallingAllEarthAngels “Blessings”, Mariposa


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