Zoos – Not for Kids. . . or Grownups

I can’t keep quiet about this subject any longer. I’m outraged, not at this poor mother who is now getting hit by a society looking to point a finger of blame, but I’m outraged at our entire society for not seeing what we are really dealing with.

Yes, it’s outrageous a poor gorilla had to lose it’s life. Yes, it’s outrageous a mother had to go through the worry of the safety of her child. But, let’s look at the big picture.

Why is a gorilla in captivity? Is it for education? Really? Or is it about our entertainment value? And, let’s be real about it. There is no need for these magnificent creatures to be locked up for us to stare at. It’s sanctioning business interests, not education.

Most children can’t even identify the trees outside their bedroom. Most adults could not even begin to tell you about the diversity in their local hills. During the filming of Racing with Copepods children interviewed local adults who couldn’t even tell you that San Pablo Bay, a huge Bay, was five miles down the road. I’m not joking. We are so out of touch with who we are and what we have around us. And we are losing it.

Stop with the zoos, I say. And stop the monkey business of how we value life.

What you can do:

  1. Petition your schools to stop zoo visits
  2. Support PETA and their efforts
  3. Wild orangutans are under assault because of palm oil plantations. Rhinos could be extinct in 10 years because of the ivory trade. Respect life. All of it.
  4. P1080628
    David Herlocker and kids discover animal bones in the hills of Marin County – it was as exciting as a live animal!

    Find local walks with biologists and discover the wild magic you have locally. In Marin County, Marin Open Space, specifically David Herlocker, has created an incredible model of nature education, activities, community building and respect. Vilda Foundation is another one for children to engage in their local nature, learning to be the stewards of it. Find inspiration in these models for your own communities.

  5. Hold a film screening in your community, library or school of valuable films and raise money to support local animal causes. Remember the film Born Free? It’s message is stronger today than ever before . . .
  6. And most importantly, look at what you have versus looking at what you don’t have and shouldn’t have to begin with. And if you’re quiet about, then you’re not helping anybody. And, please don’t even tell me you “have peace in your heart.” Good for you, but it takes people with courage and honesty to use their voice in order to create that peace for everyone. Use your voice and your actions to create a better world.


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4 thoughts on “Zoos – Not for Kids. . . or Grownups

      1. barbaramcveighwritergmailcom

        Thank you Alma for your comment. And I encourage you to explain the lies and mistakes that you feel are important to highlight. I saw this film when I was a child and was mesmerized by the culture, as well as the injustices that I saw too. What I captured then and what I live by today is the value of ensuring animals stay wild and protected. Today we are facing mass extinction issues. One example is the Black Rhino which is predicted to be extinct in 10 years unless we value their wildness and stop the idea that animals should be valued for anything other than that. What I recognized in the film and how it affected me and inspired me to do the work I do is we MUST fight this compulsion, as hard as it is, to feel we need to “own” animals or control them. I was deeply emotional as I felt the protoganist’s struggle for the delight of loving an animal to her eventual fight to release it and allow it to live its life.That’s the lesson I learned. And I believe that is a good lesson. Allow animals to be free. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/african-rhino-extinct-poaching-increase_us_56e66300e4b065e2e3d65aa7


  1. Alma

    Why this photo of Born Free here? Do you not aware of the lies this film?
    Those lions and the people were big mistakes, the film hides the truth of the tragedies of this animals. Do not use this image please for your message that is good.


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