My Book is Available!

Passion continues and I have a powerful story to share – love, life and politics. And I reveal the most powerful shadow in American politics today resulting in 35 years of oil wars, oil spills, terror organizations and now ocean acidification.

14339208_10157424270400634_1274946778_o“My father is a federal criminal, my father is my hero,” Barbara McVeigh writes in her memoir Redemption, How Ronald Reagan Nearly Ruined My Life. Reagan fired her father for a union strike in 1981 leading him and 11,500 other families into years of strife. She lost her dream to be an oceanographer and her guitar lessons as her family struggled emotionally and financially. She blamed her father for not placing family first. Years later she takes up sailing, her late great uncle’s passion, who had been her best friend and by doing so, she learns to take the helm of life. As bitter truths emerge about her own fifteen year marriage, against all odds, Barbara makes a passionate project reclaiming her childhood dreams resulting in two first time films with the most important oceanographer and Brazilian guitarist of our time. Then she confronts the dark shadows of Reagan’s policies revealing the greatest crime in the history of humanity.

Barbara has a new dream now and the spirits are guiding her, as they had been all along.

Barbara McVeigh is a Bay Area sailor, writer, producer, film maker, activist and educator and knows the universe loves to laugh. She lives in Northern California. She calls on all Musicians, Mortals, Mariners, Angels, Gods and Goddesses to join her for one mission, “let’s advocate respect for our natural world and ensure a healthy, happy future for all our children.” Her film The Man Behind the White Guitar releases January 17, 2017, days before the US presidential inauguration as a message of positive spirit, devotion and loyalty. Racing with Copepods with Dr. Sylvia Earle is free online.

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