KPFA Interview with Dennis Bernstein – Friday, Dec 13, 5pm

FLASHPOINTS, Friday, Dec 13, 5pm
KPFA, Berkeley CA/Pacifica News Radio

Here is the full interview.

I was very excited to join Dennis J Bernstein’s KPFA/Pacifica news program Flashpoints at KPFA Berkeley, CA, December 13, 2019.

It’s time to recognize those 12,000 families of the 1981 historic national union strike who stood up for the people of this country demanding political honesty – they are our inspiration today of what it means to be a citizen in a democracy, as written in the constitution “we, the people”.

And, it’s time to come clean, America. What happened in the 1980s under Reagan – wars, economics, labor and media policies that have devastated our country today? After all, wasn’t it the Iran hostage siege that determined the 1980 elections? That would essentially mean Iran controlled our elections. Was it truly a manufactured Hollywood style propaganda presidency that hoodwinked the American people? Why are we NOT talking about the war crimes of the Reagan Administration today? Reagan is known as the “Hero” of the Republican Party and has been worshiped by both the GOP and Neoliberal Democrats. It’s time to look at history with 20/20 vision and set the record straight.

We will not forget President Jimmy Carter and A Road Not Taken – Carter’s visionary solar and wind energy initiatives at time when we KNEW about carbon consequences. It’s a miracle he wasn’t shot when asking the American people to take a stand against OPEC. Carter is the shining light in our election year . . .let’s “Jimmy” these elections, and remember what integrity is all about.

Listen for what is a very dynamic, sobering conversation! Time to come clean, America!

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