World Premier “Film Release”

We did it! The Man Behind the White Guitar screened at the village hall in Guiting Power, UK on March 4 following two amazing music events by the Netoband.

Their performance at London’s Ronnie Scotts was amazing, as reviewed by The London Jazz News. The following night they performed at the Village Hall in Guiting Power, which harkened engineers with state of the arts sound and light to create a place where one foellow long term fan Berkin Altinok said “this is the Winwood ‘Deep State’.”

Keep an eye out for upcoming screenings of our film. We’ve released the film to film festivals and completed an amazing poster! This film is not just about a legacy Brazilian Guitarist, we think our story can remind all of us the values of kindness, generosity, humility and the power of music to move souls. “Believe in yourself to live the dream,” and Neto walks the talk. . . as certain as his music electrifies the spirit.

My review: Entering Winwood’s Deep State



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