Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny. Jenny has no legs Jenny is very old and lives most of her days on the streets of San Francisco. She is not a ghost but ghosts pass her everyday on the streets of San Francisco. They are the walking dead.

I stopped to talk to Jenny today and she looked up at me. What is your name she asked, until the muscle in her neck gave out and she had to put her head down.

“Barbara,” I said.

Oh, I had a daughter named Barbara she said before dozing off again. I touched her bony back, which was easy to do, as her bones stuck out in places where I didn’t know bones could stick out.

I walked the streets of San Francisco today after my radio interview on FCC Radio about Ronald Reagan who put Jenny and 9 other million people out on the streets and 40 million in poverty with his trickle down economics. Trump is doing the same again today. Reagan is the Hero of the Republican Party . . . hero of a criminal corporate gang. There is no other way to put it.

Tents were in places all over the city. This was once a city I loved. I don’t recognize this city any more and I could feel what seemed like a disease in the air – the worst kind. Apathy. It’s a mental illness. Maybe it spread after Reagan released the mentally ill from hospitals onto the streets infecting us all?

2 thoughts on “Meet Jenny

  1. Sylvia

    The author needs to pick up a book about the era she speaks of….starting in the 60’s BEFORE Reagan was governor or president. Or do conservatives have to do your homework too?


    1. barbaramcveighwritergmailcom

      The author likes to remind people the policies under Reagan which have ruined us today . . . apparently she had to remind many that President Jimmy Carter tried to stop climate change with a visionary energy initiative as Reagan smashed his policies to bits and brought in Saudi fuel full speed, taking us to the disaster we are today. Reagan also pushed Reaganomics (Trickle down economics) that have devastated the middle class, created the working poor and the billionaire class. Seem that many need to be reminded of central american wars, including genocide against the Mayan Indigenous people slaughtering women and children, and supporting the oligharcies in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. . . seems also that many have forgotten about the mentally ill being thrown out onto the street and the knock down of labor unions creating about the most notorious 40 year era in the history of humanity when one considers we knew under Carter and they made him out like he was a failure. .. he wasn’t the failure. A generation of narcissists were the failure.


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