How to Live An Anticapitalist Lifestyle In The Most Elite County In The US

Being the daughter of a federal criminal under President Ronald Reagan, the kingpin of neoliberalism, who rolled in full score the exploits and greed of capitalism these last 40 years, I have had an unyielding passion to end 40 years of the Reagan Era that has devastated the middle class, created climate change (post Carter’s warning), knocked down labor unions, knocked down the media Fairness Doctrine Ruling, created the billionaire corruption and political propaganda. . .after Jimmy Carter had tried to set it straight.

It’s not political for me. It’s personal.

As I hear narratives pointing to our politicians to set things straight, little me is standing here saying “wait, folks, WE HAVE POWER!” But, we keep giving up our power, as the people, when we look to our politicians for the answers or our corporate overlords to give us help. It is NOT in their interest to serve us little people! They have elections to win or money to make, both of which requires power. Their loyalty resides with the money people, the capitalists. They will not change.

It’s up to “we, the people” to change. We have a choice, as the people, to take charge or keep complaining about injustices. It’s time to return to our roots, get local and get active. It’s one of the greatest adventures possible to recreate our values and our way of living with intention and responsibility with a bold middle finger to the elites.

My great uncle used to shake his head at me when I trotted off for global excursions. “Why leave when you have everything here?” he’d say.

He was right. As a Marin resident county resident, a county that can boast of a median house cost of about 1.5 million dollars, I raise my hand that I am proving you can buck the system. It may not get you invitations to cocktail parties, but you can find a tribe and begin taking down the capitalistic, greed oriented lifestyle that has ruined our nation and planet and live a valuable, richly spirited, safe and spiritual life.

Here are a few tips.

Lifestyle tips for the anticapitalist:

  • Sharing housing. Get roommates and live small. Big garages and big houses are way overrated.
  • Clothing, accessories – buy used or better yet, trade with others. Better yet? Make yourself.
  • Food banks . . . food banks. Food banks.
  • Wild food harvesting and DIY gardening. Food swaps.
  • Read books and unhook from technology. Buy books straight from authors! They are on your side, as surviving artists.
  • Get a flip phone, if you need a phone. Unplug from texting and all those annoying text/email ads. Your life will calm down considerably!
  • Take the bus and find all the great things to do where the bus goes . . . make it an adventure!
  • Find a job for 30 hours or less, so you have time to listen and think for yourself.
  • Get active with nonprofit organizations. There are many inexpensive cultural groups, lodges and others who collaborate to share resources, education, food, works and fun.
  • Get active with unions, and help stand for those in your community to make a decent wage.
  • Don’t travel far and focus on local excursions, by public transportation.
  • Buy from local shops, such as bread and other essentials, not big chain stores. Or start a coop!
  • Buy food that is made with co op values or money goes to nonprofits!
  • Going vegan is great, too . . . reduces carbon footprint!
  • Gamp! Instead of buying expensive camping supplies, create a beautiful garden with medicinal plants and sleep outside under the stars, without going too far.
  • Can your food and buy from local farmers, as much as possible. Trade with friends and/or start a local trade with others.
  • Make something that others can use, like soaps or balms and trade essentials with friends!
  • Eat healthy and sit at the table practicing the grace and glory of a dignified meal. It’s a blessing.
  • Go hiking, or other healthy activities! Find what is local to you and dive deep!

Slow down! Life is a journey and those most privy to the blessings of a beautiful community needn’t travel so far. . . when you’re happy, there is no reason to seek happiness.

Protest Against Our Schools – No Mandates

Dear Archie Williams High School,

I am standing with the national strike today to exercise my right to protest against the Covid vaccination mandates that our government is issuing on students and schools are complying with.

My 14 year old son XXXXXX will not be attending school today.

While many nations have recognized the risk of the vaccine on young people and that this disease has not been an issue for healthy people, it is high time to stop what is nothing less than a forced injection on our bodies. It is a choice and must remain a choice, without consequences such as being denied employment, being terminated or denied an education without an injection.

It is far better to look at the health of our nation, starting with the warning by the US Surgeon General in 2001 that obesity is becoming an epidemic and “it’s a pandemic in the making”, given obesity is worse for one’s health than smoking cigarettes and puts people in a state of vulnerability.

One out of three adults are obese. One out of eight children are obese. The health status of our nation has been called a national security threat given “over half of all Americans aged 17-24 have disqualifying weight or chronic health issues” for military service.

Without good health, anyone with commonsense understands that a body is vulnerable to any strong bug, putting us all at risk for pandemics and related national economic threats.. Nearly 80% of those who died last year, according to the CDC, were obese, diabetic, hypertension – issues directly related to food/health choices.

While our schools continue to feed our kids Cocoa Puffs and other junk food, we are directly contributing to a health crisis in this country.

Furthermore, I protest “vaccine passports,” a euphemism for tracking and tracing “the people,” a direct violation of our civil liberties and privacy.

This is NOT a world I wish for my son and I stand against it. And I hope Archie Williams High School chooses to do the right thing and stands up to these mandates and show our children what true education and real health should look like.

Archie Williams could be the beacon of freedom in this stand against what has become nothing less than authoritarianism. Instead of the government forcing mandates on us “the people” and pushing big pharma injections and big tech monitoring, we ought to hold the government, including Marin County’s Dr. Willis, accountable for war crimes against humanity, for not owning up to this failure in health management that has manifested into not only a national security threat, but has exploited the people, especially our children, as our country continues to subsidize junk food corporations. Dr. Willis has failed to discuss and act on the direct correlation of obesity and Covid vulnerability and should be fired immediately for profiteering off a crisis and using authoritarian power, a problem that is a direct result of the failure of 20 years of national health management.

Barbara McVeigh, parent

My War on Fauci – Fire Him.

My grandfather said it best when Stanford level aeronautical engineers met him in his garage to view his airplane the Keleher Lark that he designed and built without ever having spent a day in college. They had asked my grandfather how he learned to build such an amazing and beautiful airplane.

When they left, my grandfather told us, while shaking his head, “these fancy college people have no common sense.”

My grandfather and his Keleher Lark, which is still flying today. An self taught engineer – “why go to school and sit around listing to what people tell you to think and do. Go figure it out yourself,” James Keleher.

And that is what we are facing with Fauci and the rest of those “educated elites” who are spinning stories with a fearmongering narrative that ignores the facts and the uncomfortable truth. They have lost common sense or, alternatively, they know exactly what they are doing and should be imprisoned for the greatest snake oil con act in American history.

King Fauci recently told the American people to go out and enjoy Halloween, the most sugar laden, commercialized health attack on our children. Mr. Fauci, have you failed to read up on the statistics of health in our country?

One out of three adults are obese and are dealing with ill health related to those dietary/lifestyle issues. One out of eight children are facing obesity issues. The US Surgeon General called this out in 2001 with a warning that obesity had become an epidemic and “it’s a pandemic in the making,” given anyone with common sense can understand that when one has a health vulnerability, one will be prone to any strong bug that comes around.

Is it a surprise to read that 80% of those who died last year of Covid were overweight or obese with multiple comorbidities related to these issues? Let’s be reminded that the number one killer in our country is related to dietary/lifestyle choices, specifically obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Why are we not talking about this?

We are basically in a cycle of death. . . a junk food industry feeds its disease to the people and the doctors on the back end bank on the disease, while the politicians get fat with the junk food lobbyists! And then big pharma sells its vaccines to the American public? We have gone insane until we point out the biggest culprits in this big money medical con act – the junk food corporations, big pharma and our elected officials.

Since 2001, after the warning by the US Surgeon General, did the government do anything to mitigate this pandemic in the making? Actually they did and get ready to fly with rage.

Our schools feed our children pure junk food. Cocoa Puffs, Pop Tarts and Fruitloops are some of the more favored breakfast foods that our schools dole out each morning like diabetic sugar bombs for our children. What’s worse, is that our tax dollars are paying for this pure junk while the junk food corporations are being subsidized by the government. Match that with the pay rate doctors bank on while working with diabetic patients at a rate of about $180,000 a year versus that what our teachers make, which is around $30,000 a year, and you have a perfect storm, akin to the rage of a Cytokine one, that wreaks havoc on an entire societal health level!

The obesity rate in our country is now at a level putting us on a national security threat, according to the Washington Times. Young people have such horrid health related to obesity and diabetes that they don’t qualify for military service. Most of these young people come from impoverished communities where the junk food industry has lured them with cheap food, but that cycle not only attacks those communities, but it expands its poison into all of us as healthcare costs, ranging in the billions, get put on the backs of the American people.

Fauci is right one level, we have a health crisis. But Fauci, you are misleading the people and you have banked on fear tactics and propaganda to feed your own industry of exploitative doctors and pharma. . . you’re not coming clean with the real fat truth bomb – and that is WHY WE ARE HAVING A PANDEMIC.

This is the food the schools tried to feed my children during the first weeks of the pandemic.
One out of eight children are obese. Hold the junk food corporations accountable and end the big payouts to the doctors who bank on the national disease.

It goes back to common sense, thank you Grandpa. When you have a society that is so unhealthy, any strong bug will take you down. We will never get out of this cycle until, “we, the people” take charge of our health and hold junk food corporations accountable for poisoning our nation and politicians for pushing their lies.

Do they really believe Americans are so stupid to accommodate their lies and fears? Do they really believe Americans can’t take care of themselves? Actually we can and we will when we can recognize the power of poor education, corporate power and propaganda nearly had us killing ourselves. It’s time to take charge, America. And it time to put a fork in the road, instead of our mouths, while we divert from this propaganda and begin a health revolution like no other. We can do it.

My interview with Jefferey Tucker, October 2020. Some of us have been talking about the real health crisis in our country for the last year, as well as the fact our politicians have been getting fat by the corporate junk food companies. Where have NPR, Democracy Now, CNN and other so called journalists been? Getting fat on the hype? Enough of us can see through the charade.

Time for a Health Revolution! And end the tyranny.

Announcement – Campaign Contributions

It’s time to innovate our political system. I have always felt it a strange system when working Americans who are struggling in an unjust economic system are asked by political leaders to contribute financially to their campaigns.

It’s also time to call out corporate media and their meddling in our election process. What gives media the right to publicly endorse candidates? This is a direct violation of fair journalism, something that the Fairness Doctrine Ruling, which Ronald Reagan nixed in 1987, tried to mitigate. Media should share stories fairly instead of announcing favoritism.

Therefore, my first act as a candidate for 2022 California Governor and likely the first candidate EVER (and I’m sure we have some good people who will check me on that) is to not accept money directly. Instead, I plan to endorse media centers and nonprofit organizations who I believe are truly representing the people’s interest.

If you would like to support my campaign for California Governor, please donate to the following organizations and let me know. I refuse to pad the pockets of corporate media and expensive political advisors. My campaign is to represent the possibilities of the people’s power to ignite change directly.

You can support my campaign the following ways by donating to organizations that I value:

Donate to:

The Daily Clout

The Real News

Community Media Alliance

The Wounded Warrior Project

The California Farmworker Foundation

The Carter Center

Or, if you would like to order one of my books, either available through or me directly, I would appreciate that too. . . money from my books will help support the most radical campaign to change the system.

Thank you so much!

California Governor 2022 – Announcing

Yes, That’s Right!
Believe and never stop.

It’s time for major healing of the land, water, body and spirit of this great state. It’s time for a new era and to end the 40 year cycle of The Reagan Era with trickle down economics, billionaire/corporate exploitation, and
working class poor.

We can take lead again here in California, as we did in the late 1970s, to show what true healing, collaboration, cooperation and unity can look like. We’ve done it before and we will do it again.

Truth needs to scream right now and our youth need support. As my campaign gets off the ground, I will share bold ideas how we can make that happen and show our kids that we truly do care about their future.

Whoever wins tomorrow’s California election, it will not matter. What matters is “we, the people,” as the people have far greater power than any elected official when we band together.

Each Thursday night from 7-8pm PST, I will hold a Zoom talk with a growing community. Please join us and get on the “home ship” because we’re sailing home, back to a thriving, artistic, educated, beautiful and proud California.

Join us by emailing me:
barbara.mcveigh.writer AT gmail DOT com

The art of healing – story telling

In January, 2020, I was invited to the Alwar International Film Festival in India to share our documentary film The Man Behind The White Guitar, the Life and Music of Brazilian Guitarist José Neto. Here I talk about the film journey in making this international project by artists who gave generously and why. I also share the magic of starting a project and what that can look like for anyone stepping out of their comfort zone to create art, writing or a film project . . . LINK HERE.

US: Come Clean with genocide in Guatemala

We don’t have to look at Indigenous genocide 100 years ago in our country, acts that were not committed by us. We can look at a mere 35 years ago when we supported a US President who joined forces with Guatemala President Rioss Monte and slaughtered men, women and children, Indigenous Mayan, in Guatemala. The years were the 1980s.

President Ronald Reagan called these Indigenous people, the Ancient Mayans, communists, a good trigger word to get support by those afraid of Soviets during the Cold War. But, nothing could be further from the truth. The Mayans have dealt with 400 years of oppression. They tried their best to uprise and say no more to nothing less than slavery these last 60 years. President Rios Montt of Guatemala ruled with an iron fist, gathering support from Reagan and literally wiped out Mayan villages.

What makes the story almost surreal is that Mayan Indigenous workers live amongst us in my community of Marin County, a wealth suburb of San Francisco. The Mayans surrendered to the oligharchy in Guatemala and started a slow stream of immigration to the United States, mainly to work and support their impoverished families back in Guatemala. The family ties are paramount and go deep. The level of respect for the elderly is a value westerners could learn.

Many “illegal” Mayan indigenous are the housecleaners, gardeners, nannies and roofers for the wealthy in Marin, raising an entire generation and adding valuable to what is considered a very wealthy community.

I was one of those people who paid “under the table” to housecleaners. And I would do it again. Because I understand their story. I will support the people before government policies that have destroyed families, communities and countries. I also will be outspoken about President Ronald Reagan and a generation that has chosen not to acknowledge the atrocities of the 1980s and how those unjust policies have contributed to more trauma 35 years later as the Mayan and other Guatemalans struggle to survive.

It’s time for truth, reparation and apologies. It’s time to support Central America as the Bridge Between The Americas. . . the friendship bridge to our brothers and sisters of South America.

Nobel Winner Rigoberto Menchu and her book When The Mountains Tremble, is an account of the genocide. She has been an outspoken leader for over 30 years.

It’s Not Bernie. 
The Dem’s War Against President Jimmy Carter

Carter won the war, without ever firing a shot.

“Who is Jimmy Carter?” I asked in a public high school classroom, an ice breaker I’d use for my entire year as a substitute teacher in Marin County and San Francisco County schools.

“A baseball player?”
“A terrorist?”
“Wasn’t he that really bad president?”

Out of the entire year of over a thousand students I might have gotten one or two answers right, that he was a president. But even then they had no further idea about his historical significance until they Googled him on their phones. “Oh, he was a peanut farmer.”

It’s time to reflect on the words of President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 speech “Crisis of Confidence” when you recognize his administration’s work on climate change, peace and human rights carries a story to shine a light on the absolute horror of these last forty years. You can understand today why Democrats and Republicans would work hard to shun President Jimmy Carter. He makes them all look like criminals. And maybe they are.

“Have purpose,” Carter said to the people when he recognized a growing shift in the American psyche – a drive toward materialism. Following two decades of counter culture, creating new boundaries of American identity, feminism, civil rights and environmental ethos, ultimately the 60s generation cashed out under Ronald Reagan’s policies of Reaganomics (trickle down economics) and crushed working class unions, creating today’s billionaire and working poor castes. But, that’s not all. Denis Hayes, Author of the 1976 book Rays of Hope, Transition to a Post Petroleum World, published by the Worldwatch Institute, who also served in the Carter Administration, says “had Carter gotten a second term, we would not be dealing with climate change like we are today. We were already experiencing changes in the 1970s.”

It’s valid to say the 60s generation brought not only Jimmy Hendrix and The Beatles, but after their big talks and fancy parties, they also brought global climate change and the collapse or our American economy, pitting us in disaster for years to come. It’s not a surprise of the millionaire status of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Ringo now does shoe ads for a multibillion dollar corporation.

If Jimmy Carter was a Democrat, why are the Democrats not heralding Carter who tried to stop climate change? The answer is simple. The Democrats grew in line with the Republicans when you recognize the leaders of the Dems herald Reagan, the very president whose policies brought us these economic and environmental policy disasters. Take Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, for example. Ten years ago, Pelosi removed the abolitionist Starr King’s statue in Washington DC to replace it with President Ronald Reagan – a statue to represent the State of California. D-California Governor Newsom created a Ronald Reagan Day to honor Reagan. Several years ago President Ronald Reagan was inducted into the US Labor Hall of Fame despite the fact his crushing of the 1981 National Union Strike led to the collapse of unions across the country. The Democrats have embraced the GOP leader whose policies have ruined not only our country, but arguably the entire planet, yet they contine to point fingers at the GOP.

One has to reflect on that time under Carter whose administration was sabotaged as he boldly stood up to OPEC, the oil giants, with a vision to transform our country into clean energy, likely believing that the people would understand the value and wisdom of such a transformation. Denis Hayes and I discussed in my interview that when you consider who the players are behind OPEC, those with their own military mercenaries around the world doing their dirty oil business bidding, that’s it’s a that wonder Jimmy Carter wasn’t assassinated. The GOP machine under Ronald Reagan came in fast and furious, with enough Hollywood shimmer and glitz to dazzle the country, with the oil giants behind him, leading us into these forty years of wars and exploitation that make The Vietnam War look like small potatoes.

Carter could have become authoritarian, on a Trump like level, to make the energy and environmental changes needed back in the 1970s. Had he done so, we would have avoided 40 years of oil wars and environmental disasters. today we’d be leading a green economy. So, we could blame Carter for our problems today, except for one inconvenient and hard truth – Carter believes in Democracy and when he said “I am not going to do this alone,” he provided the greatest gift to the people of this country to rise and take their own power “as the people”.

Carter’s respect for our American Constitution and the will of the people are the lessons we can learn from Carter today. Most of the students of the public schools believed that Carter is dead today. “No, he’s very much alive,” I answered. If there were ever a time to shine a light on a leader who has walked the talk and preached to humanity the values confidence, grace, peace and humility, both as a President and a Sunday School teacher, it’s President Jimmy Carter.

We have forty years to look back on to witness the dark shadow of greed, wars and exploitation that Carter had to face himself as a leader, and that truth can today give us rise as an entire nation to heed his calling in 1979 “have confidence.” It’s not too late.

Carter won the war, without ever firing a shot.