Novak Djokovic Won – HE STOOD BY HIS PRINCIPLES. That is winning.

As many call out Novak Djokovic with expletives and anger, I raise my hand. HE WON. He stood true to himself and his principles.

No matter what, there is nothing any government can do or billionaires can shut down. He showed a new game, one to respect yourself, your own body and your health.

He showed us on a global level that nobody can knock you down or even take away something meaningful to you when you stand your ground. The idea of a ball passing back and forth on a court is the little game. He showed us the big one . . . and it’s time for us all to pull out the rackets in order to stop the racket of this charade.

It’s time a generations clean with the horrendous legacy they are leaving us, one that has left us with burning forests, ocean acidification, horrific pollution, exploitative billionaires and now tyranny against our own bodies without a whisper about how to take care of our bodies. It’s not in their interest as they enter their senior years. And my guess is that they are afraid of dying, recognizing that once this generation of baby boomers are gone, we will be pointing the fingers at them for blame and shame for centuries to come.

It’s time for a new generation to step into our government and take over. Yet, they have the money and the power still, so how do we do it when we are the generation broken and poor? We must unite and they must bow down.

2022 is the year. It’s time to take over our government, the younger generation, so we can craft the policies that work for us and our children and believe that we will actually survive.

We have a chance. It’s time for the switch. Let’s call it The Great Shift, on our terms, when it’s not about leaning left or right, it’s about coming full circle.

The End of Individualism and Rise of Family Collectivism

The 1960s brought in an idea of fierce individualism. As we reflect today, we can bare witness a youthful generation had ideas of standing up to their parents and their society to recreate what they valued as justice, including civil rights and unity. While we cannot shame them for those ideals, we can begin to see another narrative grow and a lesson to be learned – be careful about shaming others without providing the proper respect because what you put out will come full circle.

That’s where we are now – full circle, taking a look at the baby boomers who brought into society, 40 years worth of wars, exploitation, greed and civil unrest, exactly that they had shamed their parents generation in the 1960s.

As we look back at images of the 1960’s Woodstock and the youth singing songs of ideals, we fail to see that same generation heralding and respecting their own parents and grandparents who faced two world wars and an era of depression. The family began to break apart and the 60s youth, boldly with music, literature and art, sought to seek out and create the ideals of fierce independence, as they did.

Think about it. During WW2 when brothers, fathers and sons were being slaughtered in Europe, the following generation, the baby boomers, slammed these same families calling them out with all sorts of blaming and shaming without the respect they deserved, while they played their music, smoked pot and drank their Jack Daniels, hailing it all in the name of peace and good vibes.

And then this:

These last 40 years which have been under their political, economic and social watch, after they became adults, have served their generation. But, in fact, it has ruined them today.

In fact, in the 1980s Reagan, whom they elected with a landslide election, began taxation on social security benefits – the baby boomers literally began taxing their own parents (the ones who served in WW2 and dealt with The Depression!), in order to benefit their large baby boomer generation! Talk about throwing your own elderly parents under the bus! During this same age, never mind the lessons learned from Vietnam, US military expanded hugely which today proves a risk to us as we hear rumblings of a possible military coup, in our own country. What’s more? The taxation of trickle down economics, when the boomers did not hold accountable those who exploit others, essentially providing the nuts and bolts of building us into a society of billionaires who are upsetting our democracy and the power of the people. The baby boomers’ president Ronald Reagan also killed the Fairness Doctrine Ruling which monitored and ensured fairness in media and not propaganda, which we can see we are immersed in corporate propaganda.

Their Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi – the Speaker of the House – who has served as a generational congresswoman even put a statue of Ronald Reagan in Washington in Washington DC to represent California. Reagan should serve as nothing more than a symbol of the gross mentality of exploitation, greed and attack on the people these last 40 years.

Today it is full circle as the baby boomers wind down into their elderly years recognizing the family is gone and what a mess they have left for my generation and all future generations at a time they are asking themselves “Who will take care of me?”

It will be my generation – the X Generation, as we call ourselves who will be responsible taking care of the elderly. We not only have a generation of youth following us seeded in extraordinary college debt but we also have the burden of caring for a huge elderly population who soon will be facing issues of health, dementia and poverty. We have an incredible challenge ahead of us.

We need an immediate shift with policies to address this before our generation, and likely all of American society, literally falls apart due to poverty, loss of democracy and civil rights.

This is one of my proposals. It is a calling for families to reconcile differences and to come together recognizing that family matters deeply. It can serve as our healing process, a connection to blood and the sacred values of home and community. We need to rebuild from the place of the hearth, where good food around a table shared together in the evenings is as valued as a stock market trade. And we need policies that cater to these needs, starting with tax breaks and incentives.

We have tax breaks and incentives to help raise our children, understanding that the future resides in our dedication to them. We want the best for our children. And how we can show our children the best of us is how we take care of each other, including our aging parents. The government should issue tax breaks for those families caring for their aging parents, whether it’s in their own homes or in nearby facilities. Caregivers need better pay and not the slave wages and lack of support they have suffered with. Illegal immigrants have been abused over the years with under the table pay and with minimal wages, another example of the gross injustices and exploitation driven these last 40 years.

Germany set an example of caring for the older people, understanding connection and health are vital for a well groomed society. Senior citizens had benefits for saunas and hot springs locations that soothed them and kept them happy with social gatherings and connection.

California has a tradition of hot springs and more. Let’s us reshape these iconic and sacred locations to help benefit the older people, helping them stay healthy and happy, which will make all of us happy. Such will help heal our land, build community, jobs and a vibrant industry of healing and taking care of our bodies and each other.

And finally, death care. The funeral and burial institutions are exploitative and nobody should have to worry about burials. Let’s create a new system that benefits us all, as green cemeteries rise. For a fee, much less than fanciful and soulless cemetaries of the past, let’s reinvigerate our forests and areas that have burned into afterlife sanctuaries. For a smaller fee, than a typical burial, the state can help fund a tree to be buried in the forest, a full circle economic, environmental and financial benefit to us all, including our forests and the future of our children.

As Governor of California, these are some of the ideas I will create. It’s time for era of peace, humility and the sacred. We have learned so much and now it’s time to put all our lessons to practice as we take care of each other and show our children what a beautiful world we can create.

Medical Tyranny Reigns in The US

Our system is completely upside down.

A US doctor will make about $150,000 a year out of medical school. A psychiatrist will make abut $225,000 a year out of school.

A school teacher simultaneously responsible for the physical, emotional and mental health of about 30 children at once receives about $30,000 a year while they struggle to maintain their own physical, emotional and mental health.

We have fattened a system of chronic disease. Doctors are now in the game of “discovering” a new disease in the name of identity politics and fame.

Where are the doctors working as activists to shame the lobbyists who push the junk food industry? Where are the doctors who are fighting a health system that does not work for the people?

They don’t exist. Why should they? The medical field has become a power play – big money and control.

Our system is completely upside down.

In 2001 The US Surgeon General pushed a report about calling out rising obesity in our nation. “It’s a pandemic in the making”, he said. And with an ounce of commonsense, anyone could see that when you have an unhealthy society, any strong bug can and will take you down. It’s not a surprise that 80% of those who died/hospitalized were obese, a preventable condition that is the second killer in our nation. And yet, the junk food industry gets away with murder. Today 1 out of 5 children are obese. 1 out of 3 adults are obese. The military has claimed we face a national security threat given that 74% of the young people don’t qualify because of their health.

Our system is completely upside down.

We need a major reshaping of our public schools and look at models that teach children how to eat and allow children their natural right of natural play. We need a reeducation for families to recognize what is healthy and what is not. We MUST turn this game around. Teachers need good training, parents need choices and we must focus on health as culture not as a medical cash cow as big pharma cashes out billions on our people.

Hold the medical establishment criminally responsible for a 20 year failure and let’s turn this game around.

The Shaman in The White House – END 40 YEARS OF VOODOO ECONOMICS

Was it truly a surprise to see a self described Shaman take position in The White House during the January 6 Insurrection when we’ve had 40 years of “Voodoo Economics” driven by President Ronald Reagan?

What does it take in this country to recognize that we are on the verge of ending an era driven by Reagan’s policies that have failed not only the Baby Boomers but all generations on this planet? From trickle down economics, knock down of labor unions, knock down of the Fairness Doctrine Ruling and the killing of President Jimmy Carter’s First Green Deal, all of which combined have exacerbated a society driven by corruption, money and power?

Where is the accountability for this era that has nearly uprooted our democracy and robbed the people of their power?

Let’s start with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and the level of hypocrisy we have in our politics that surely need to be cleansed if we are to grow with integrity and justice. She must be held accountable for her actions supporting the “The GOP Hero” Ronald Reagan. She is the one who helped raise the Reagan statue in Washington DC representing my home state of California. How is it possible that she, a Democrat, got away with endorsing The Republican President without any outrage by the citizens of this country? Her very action with Reagan is a show that we have a one party system – a party loyal to big corporate money and not to the people.

And that has been the problem. There is no accountability of our politicians by the people. And it’s been a generational agenda to not bring accountability to the politicians because if we hold them accountable for their actions then that same generation – The Baby Boomers – must hold themselves accountable to the greatest lie of these last 40 years, a generation that has played with big wars, corruption, climate change (post President Carter who tried to stop it) and big tech/big pharma/big corporate unchecked power.

The Shaman in The White House should be a message to us all. . . it’s time to clean up Washington DC and all US politics with a rising nation and a pursuit of every legal ends possible to END THE REAGAN ERA.

We need to begin an era of accountability, to focus on anti trust laws to break the corporate stranglehold on the American people and build policies for the people so we can create our own future without the shackles of trickle down economics, high debt and big government telling us what to do.

Reagan is the shadow in this country. And we don’t talk about it because anyone in the system – from politicians, media and corporate power – benefit from The Reagan Policies of trickle down and labor issues. So, it’s up to “we, the people” to take on this fight, change our educational models, create systems that work for us and not them and take charge of our health, food and schools.

We are not better off than we were Pre Reagan 40 years ago especially given the state of fires, climate change, economics, corporate power, health and more. Perhaps it’s a calling for the shamans around the world to stand up and show their power, if that’s what it takes to end The Reagan Era and move toward a time of peace, harmony and joy.

And while I don’t ever advocate violence or even condone the actions of those who attacked Washington, let’s just take a deep breath to recognize the truth of what this country has grown to be these last 40 years and then do right.

There is a calling to now be reminded of the 1981 National Strike in this country, when Vietnam Veterans working as air traffic controllers paid witness to the lies of our government and had the guts to stand up to the government and walk out of their jobs to demand fair wages and honesty politics when they saw that Ronald Reagan had lied. They were the last community in this country who had guts and held their government accountable for truth and justice – without any violence. They are our heroes today.

It is time for fair wages in this country. It is time for truth and honest. And more than anything, it’s time for the people to come together with unity and stand up to a government that relies on big money and corporate power to rule the people of our nation.

So, let’s swing our politics – not left and not right – but full circle, back to President Jimmy Carter and ethos he has lived by, standing for our democracy and for the people. He never left us and he’s still here. More than ever, we can understand the wisdom Carter governed at the time in the late 1970s when he faced a generation of baby boomers who threw him under the bus in favor of Reagan who opened up the doors to greed and exploitation, resulting in our threatened democracy today.

It’s high time for a generation to bow down with some humility and maybe even give this Shaman a little credit, even if you don’t like how he got there (and yes, he needs to be held accountable for his actions). It’s time for a new generation of people to take charge – with peace, always peace, and in the same spirit as those in 1981 showed us how to do it. A national strike. Here is my wish list:

1. Trump and Obama apologize to each other
2. Nancy Pelosi steps down and apologizes for hypocrisy.
3. Remove the Reagan Statue from Washington DC that represents California
4. Add the 1981 Union Members of the National Strike to the US Labor Hall of Fame, just above the image of Ronald Reagan.
5. The Reagan Museum in Los Angeles is converted into a National Propaganda Museum to show how big business and corrupt politics nearly took down a planet.
6. The United States celebrates President Jimmy Carter, with an overt apology for not listening to him in 1979 after “the Crisis of Confidence” Speech

7. America gets to work, unwinding the 40 years of Reagan economic, health, education, environmental and labor policies . . . power back to the people with kindness, collaboration, generosity and fairness.

It’s time to “Jimmy” this country and bring back truth and integrity.

“You’re Not Welcome in Marin County” Strikes a Nerve. . . End The Charade

In stark contrast to the recent article “Unvaccinated? You’re Not Welcome in Marin County” in the Marin IJ by Vicky Larson, I recall a homeless woman I had met last year living under the freeway in San Rafael. She had prepared a bed complete with clean sheets, pillow and blankets next to her bed that laid on the dirt next to her stack of wet cardboard boxes containing her meager belongings.

“Anyone who ever comes here in need will at least have a clean bed to sleep on,” she had told me.

So, there is hope for humanity in elite Marin County, found in the homeless community under the freeway, but surely not in the written pages of The Marin IJ. It is time to end the segregated, self riotious bigotry of Marin County, starting with the likes of Vicky Larson who feel she can sweep away any unwanted miscreants who stand for their own body. She has hooked up with none other than what appears to be the drug cartel that likens itself to drug pushers in the alley filling their own pockets without accountability.

Let’s be clear, the evidence is overwhelming, with just pure common sense. No euphemism can fix it. The vaccines are NOT working. We have been misguided, tricked and conned. Suck it up like a big boy and it’s time to move on before we lose all our civil liberties.

What has shown up is this. . . a complete disregard for health. Again, let’s call it out when we recognize nearly 80% of those who died, according to the CDC statistics were obese/diabetic and had major comorbidities. So, there is a health crisis, one that’s been running for 20 years since the US Surgeon called it out in 2001 that obesity is becoming an epidemic, and it’s a pandemic in the making. The 80% dead could have been lives that could been saved had the 2001 warning been heeded.

Sorry, I am not responsible for other people’s health. And when they try to make ME responsible, while big pharma pocket billions of dollars, I’m going to shoot an email straight to Vicky Larson and tell her to pull her head out of her **** and use her brain. We’ve been conned and articles like hers that drive division and segregation will surely make the homeless woman under the ramp be that inspiration we could all use today.

So, all you unvaxxed heathens, come join us in Marin County and show the rest of the nation what unity and love are all about.

You are welcome ANYTIME. And come to think of it, let’s end the economic and racial segregation in Marin County at the same time. So, those of you hungry, poor, unheard and unvaxxed, you’ll always find a home right here.

Come visit Marin County anytime!

And, I’m always positive!

The Sherwood Garbage Heap . . . and My Run For California Governor 2022

The time for the shift is now, a new era to expose the garbage of big politics that cater to corrupt corporations while pitting the people into poverty.

It’s time to clean up the mess, a 40 year era. The political message in my campaign walks the talk, starting with the garbage heap here in Sherwood in the little town of Fairfax where some like to believe there is still fairness and facts in our great State of California.

Eat your heart out, Robin Hood.

I understand deeply what it means to barely survive economically while not being able to get a foothold into a state of thriving . . . those of us who are merely surviving are helping those in great need, “the needy” who clearly need big houses, big cars and big fancy vacations while they pay us a pittance.

My family stood up to the President of United States in the great 1981 National Strike for fair wages and honesty in politics and we lost everything for it.

Running for California Governor is not political for me. It’s personal.

My run for governor aims to change the status quo and bring equity, fairness and dignity to the people of this state that I love, my birth state and a place I have called home my whole life.

Right now, I need to raise money to pay for my name on the ballot. You can help . . . and together we will send a direct message to all the corrupt political leaders and big power that “we the people” are the ones in charge and have the power to solve our own problems with the right policies in place that don’t merely favor those with big money while using us as their pawns.

First up, to help my campaign, a box found at the Sherwood garbage pit . . . and the launch of my campaign. Money raised from the garbage pit goes directly to my name on the ballot so I can be in position to take a stand for the working people of this state and clean up the mess.

Let’s do this!

End the charade

“First they created fear, then they created an enemy who appeared dangerous and divided the nation, while big pharma and big tech cashed out billions, making the people go broke, refusing them jobs, school and free speech. Then they built surveillance and tracking and tracing mechanisms to ensure their plan for power against anyone who questioned their authority, whilst blaming the problem on healthy people and children. We are in the midst of undeclared WW3, against the people.” – Barbara McVeigh

Public School Exposé – The End of the Neoliberal Era.


For over one year Barbara McVeigh served as a substitute teacher in San Francisco and Marin County public schools in California. In that effort, she had opportunity to observe and learn about our current state of public education. She often witnessed and experienced daily trauma, abuse and often times a disregard for what should be natural – a respect toward another human being.

Her notes herein are not meant to shame or blame, they are to expose a toxic system of disrespect and inadequate schooling so we can reconcile the challenges we have as a means to heal and reshape who and what we are as California and as an American society. Our schools are a mess and given we are in extreme challenges with climate change, working poor, billionaire corruption and collapse of our American civil liberties, we can acknowledge our public schools have failed us. We have overworked teachers, underpaid educators, crowded schools, bully kids running classrooms, bad food, trash, abusive teaching practices and misinformed pedagogical approaches that got rolled out by corrupt billionaires, as our classrooms serve today as commercialized platforms for big tech and junk media.

Education can become the next great frontier to broaden the context of what it means to nurture and cultivate well balanced, happy children who can thrive in and solve a growing environmental crisis that has been exacerbated under the neoliberal decades these last forty years, post President Jimmy Carter who tried to set it right, a four decade span which should be labeled “The Reagan Era.”As in Jimmy Carter’s famous speech, “We have a crisis of confidence.” It’s time for a new era of healing, reconciliation and peace, and to write a new chapter for our history books.

Barbara McVeigh is an international award winning filmmaker, impact producer and teacher. She is the mother of two children and lives in Northern California. When she was 13 years old, her father and less than 12,000 union members, mostly families, took a stand against the federal government, President Ronald Reagan, in the 1981 National Union Strike to demand political honesty and fair wages. Her father was labeled a federal criminal and her family lost almost everything, until the federal courts in 2021 awarded the 1981 strike validation with a return of her father’s losses. Barbara’s memoir Redemption, How Ronald Reagan Nearly Ruined My Life and her other projects serve as messages of hope and resilience for a new age.

It’s time for change. It’s time for healing. It’s time to write a new narrative for our textbooks.

How to Live An Anticapitalist Lifestyle In The Most Elite County In The US

Being the daughter of a federal criminal under President Ronald Reagan, the kingpin of neoliberalism, who rolled in full score the exploits and greed of capitalism these last 40 years, I have had an unyielding passion to end 40 years of the Reagan Era that has devastated the middle class, created climate change (post Carter’s warning), knocked down labor unions, knocked down the media Fairness Doctrine Ruling, created the billionaire corruption and political propaganda. . .after Jimmy Carter had tried to set it straight.

It’s not political for me. It’s personal.

As I hear narratives pointing to our politicians to set things straight, little me is standing here saying “wait, folks, WE HAVE POWER!” But, we keep giving up our power, as the people, when we look to our politicians for the answers or our corporate overlords to give us help. It is NOT in their interest to serve us little people! They have elections to win or money to make, both of which requires power. Their loyalty resides with the money people, the capitalists. They will not change.

It’s up to “we, the people” to change. We have a choice, as the people, to take charge or keep complaining about injustices. It’s time to return to our roots, get local and get active. It’s one of the greatest adventures possible to recreate our values and our way of living with intention and responsibility with a bold middle finger to the elites.

My great uncle used to shake his head at me when I trotted off for global excursions. “Why leave when you have everything here?” he’d say.

He was right. As a Marin resident county resident, a county that can boast of a median house cost of about 1.5 million dollars, I raise my hand that I am proving you can buck the system. It may not get you invitations to cocktail parties, but you can find a tribe and begin taking down the capitalistic, greed oriented lifestyle that has ruined our nation and planet and live a valuable, richly spirited, safe and spiritual life.

Here are a few tips.

Lifestyle tips for the anticapitalist:

  • Sharing housing. Get roommates and live small. Big garages and big houses are way overrated.
  • Clothing, accessories – buy used or better yet, trade with others. Better yet? Make yourself.
  • Food banks . . . food banks. Food banks.
  • Wild food harvesting and DIY gardening. Food swaps.
  • Read books and unhook from technology. Buy books straight from authors! They are on your side, as surviving artists.
  • Get a flip phone, if you need a phone. Unplug from texting and all those annoying text/email ads. Your life will calm down considerably!
  • Take the bus and find all the great things to do where the bus goes . . . make it an adventure!
  • Find a job for 30 hours or less, so you have time to listen and think for yourself.
  • Get active with nonprofit organizations. There are many inexpensive cultural groups, lodges and others who collaborate to share resources, education, food, works and fun.
  • Get active with unions, and help stand for those in your community to make a decent wage.
  • Don’t travel far and focus on local excursions, by public transportation.
  • Buy from local shops, such as bread and other essentials, not big chain stores. Or start a coop!
  • Buy food that is made with co op values or money goes to nonprofits!
  • Going vegan is great, too . . . reduces carbon footprint!
  • Gamp! Instead of buying expensive camping supplies, create a beautiful garden with medicinal plants and sleep outside under the stars, without going too far.
  • Can your food and buy from local farmers, as much as possible. Trade with friends and/or start a local trade with others.
  • Make something that others can use, like soaps or balms and trade essentials with friends!
  • Eat healthy and sit at the table practicing the grace and glory of a dignified meal. It’s a blessing.
  • Go hiking, or other healthy activities! Find what is local to you and dive deep!

Slow down! Life is a journey and those most privy to the blessings of a beautiful community needn’t travel so far. . . when you’re happy, there is no reason to seek happiness.

Protest Against Our Schools – No Mandates

Dear Archie Williams High School,

I am standing with the national strike today to exercise my right to protest against the Covid vaccination mandates that our government is issuing on students and schools are complying with.

My 14 year old son XXXXXX will not be attending school today.

While many nations have recognized the risk of the vaccine on young people and that this disease has not been an issue for healthy people, it is high time to stop what is nothing less than a forced injection on our bodies. It is a choice and must remain a choice, without consequences such as being denied employment, being terminated or denied an education without an injection.

It is far better to look at the health of our nation, starting with the warning by the US Surgeon General in 2001 that obesity is becoming an epidemic and “it’s a pandemic in the making”, given obesity is worse for one’s health than smoking cigarettes and puts people in a state of vulnerability.

One out of three adults are obese. One out of eight children are obese. The health status of our nation has been called a national security threat given “over half of all Americans aged 17-24 have disqualifying weight or chronic health issues” for military service.

Without good health, anyone with commonsense understands that a body is vulnerable to any strong bug, putting us all at risk for pandemics and related national economic threats.. Nearly 80% of those who died last year, according to the CDC, were obese, diabetic, hypertension – issues directly related to food/health choices.

While our schools continue to feed our kids Cocoa Puffs and other junk food, we are directly contributing to a health crisis in this country.

Furthermore, I protest “vaccine passports,” a euphemism for tracking and tracing “the people,” a direct violation of our civil liberties and privacy.

This is NOT a world I wish for my son and I stand against it. And I hope Archie Williams High School chooses to do the right thing and stands up to these mandates and show our children what true education and real health should look like.

Archie Williams could be the beacon of freedom in this stand against what has become nothing less than authoritarianism. Instead of the government forcing mandates on us “the people” and pushing big pharma injections and big tech monitoring, we ought to hold the government, including Marin County’s Dr. Willis, accountable for war crimes against humanity, for not owning up to this failure in health management that has manifested into not only a national security threat, but has exploited the people, especially our children, as our country continues to subsidize junk food corporations. Dr. Willis has failed to discuss and act on the direct correlation of obesity and Covid vulnerability and should be fired immediately for profiteering off a crisis and using authoritarian power, a problem that is a direct result of the failure of 20 years of national health management.

Barbara McVeigh, parent