The Queen’s Project, 2020
This grassroots project was inspired by a story I read about Queen Elizabeth after she inherited a country that had been ravaged by war and poverty. She made law that everyone needed to wear a knitted hat . . . a need that drove a new industry of knitters to earn money and generate an economy.

I’ve collected bins of yarn from my community of Fairfax and have donated this yarn to the people living in the streets or in shelters on the same block as the Federal Building in San Francisco, an area that is also ravaged by war and poverty. Desperate and traumatized military veterans and others victim to a corrupt economic system are beginning to help us all build strands of hope in our country, one stitch at a time.

If you would like to help us make a national statement . . .join us. You may either donate yarn or supplies OR purchase a hat or other knitted item that has been made with love by the people of San Francisco’s streets . . .

Available for purchase: God’s Eyes, scarves, hats, woven hearts, and more to come. 100% goes to the artists for food and shelter.