Jimmy Carter Jamboree bumper sticker – $8, plus shipping. (Proceeds go to The Carter Center). Email for request.

Book – FAN, INC., Warning, Your Oxygen Is Low, $12.99 plus shipping. Email to order or purchase on
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A community impact project. Let’s write the book and show those who dominate that “we, the people” do have the ultimate power. Let’s create the story together and put those who exploit in their place. The bones of the story have been started. . . this project allows all of us to create the final draft.

Memoir – Redemption, How Ronald Reagan Nearly Ruined My Life $16.99, plus shipping. Email for request or buy from
(Note-Amazon does steal from authors).

It wasn’t just my life he nearly ruined – it’s YOURS too. Reagan’s economic, social, media, military and labor policies have nearly gutted the American working class and provided power to the billionaires, undermining our democracy today. It’s time to reshape these last 40 years. Follow my very personal journey beginning at age 13 when I waited for the FBI to come arrest my father for the National Union Strike of Air Traffic Controllers, likely the last stand of the working people in this country who knew how to do business and had the guts to risk everything, which most did.

Forty years later, the strike is not over yet. I intend to finish it. No, my dad is not the federal criminal. Ronald Reagan was the federal criminal.