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August 26, 2022

September 12, 2022

My campaign is off and running. I had my Marin IJ interview on Friday and I called out the egregious authoritarian mandates that we suffered over the last two years. I also pointed to the Chinese Authoritarian/Communist mandates and atrocities. . . we followed China, at a time China has rounded up all its dissenters, prodemocracy activists and Muslim minorities, the Uyghers, placing them in work camps while arresting many. This is a country we followed . . . our government followed China’s horrific lockdowns, tracking and tracing operations, big tech QR codes and more. Our big tech/big pharma businesses do billions of dollars of business in China . . . and even Governor Gavin Newsome orders millions of manufactured masks from China . . . when do we say NO? We are not going to follow China. We are NOT China.

October 8 I am calling for a demonstration in front of the SF Consul General’s office in San Francisco. Please save the date. It’s high time to take a stand for who we want to be and what NOT want to follow.

I have been a stand against big tech and discussed with our local high school about going tech free for a number of weeks to show the youth how community builds when we find alternative communication and hyper local vigilance. Because, when the electricity goes out, we’ll need to know how to thrive.

I have been a stand for creating our schools into more working farms, in order to grow food and learn about healing land, a vital opportunity for our youth. As we face food insecurity, this is vital education for our youth.

September 2,2022

As I stated before, I am running my campaign with no money. Money needs to be OUT of politics as that has been the core of our problems for too long in this nation. If you wish to support my run for school board in one of the wealthiest districts in the nation, I invite you to donate to Marin Multicultural Center in my name. It’s time Marin County embraces its diversity, respects its workers with proper pay and protection and shows our children what a decent society can look like. Our community today is one of the most economic and racial segragated communities in the nation. My campaign is a stand for a better community.

For over one year I researched our schools by penetrating as a substitute teacher to get first hand experience of what our teachers are experiencing and where curriculum/learning stands. My story will shock you, as the daily experiences did me. We have work to do and it’s high time to support teachers with proper pay and derig a system that benefits bankers, lawyers and real estate brokers. . . a full economic system on the backs of underpaid, overworked and abused teachers.

Change is coming. Book is available on

August 24, 2022
The Marin IJ recently contacted me about my board candidacy for Tamalpais Union High School District. They immediately labeled me as an anti-vaxxer. I promptly wrote back to them to deny and challenge that label. I am happy to say the Marin IJ heard that and did an incredible job of providing a fair statement and report on the candidates who embrace Marin Freedom Rising, a grassroots organization who advocates health and choice. Here is the article by Keri Brenner.

I am PRO HEALTH. Here is my statement on that issue and my view of what just happened these past two years:

My official candidate statement about Covid:

“Think deeper.” What we just experienced should not have happened, on many levels. But I will address two issues as I see them as the most paramount to discuss.

1) We have a health crisis, but it is not Covid. In 2001 the US Surgeon General stated in his report “America is facing an epidemic of obesity and it’s a pandemic in the making.” One does not need a fancy degree to understand the logic that if you have a large population of society unhealthy due to obesity, diabetes and other dietary diseases, you put your population at risk for any strong bug coming along.

The 2001 US Surgeon was visionary. Our country has a dietary health crisis, as was recently written by NPR entitle “The US Diet is Deadly”. Given that 80% of those who died of Covid or were hospitalized, according to the CDC, were in this high risk group, we must ask the federal health officials why did they NOT heed the warning twenty years ago by the US Surgeon General? Our National Health Officials and leaders are DIRECTLY responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country. For twenty years they failed to properly warn Americans about this vulnerable state of health. What’s more is that good policy was not implemented to curb the growing epidemic of obesity.

Obesity, and especially childhood obesity, has skyrocketed to the degree that the US Military has to turn away 74% of its applicants due to dietary health issues and has called this crisis a national security threat. This has become so apparent that The White House is hosting a Nutrition Summit, the first of its kind since The Carter Administration, as written in NPR’s recent article. We must take a hard look how our schools measure up with nutrition, school lunches and education.

In my last election I half jokingly proposed a measurable push toward schools advocating for more programs to grow food, learn about the most essential life producing education. We put so much energy into boys wearing tights and running with balls and girls on the sideline jumping in skimpy outfits, a symbol of absolute toxic masculinity, while they parade around with slogans “We’re number one!” than we do with the nurturing aspects of what it means to be human. Imagine – schools and youth learning to feed a community. We could be the change, showing the nation how we come together. And given we live in a community with Latin American farming immigrants who have done this all their lives, they could become our teachers and produce an incredible level of collaboration that is healing for everyone.

2) What’s more? As Stanford Doctor Jay Battacharya and others have presented in the Great Barrington Declaration that the lockdowns and the one size fits all mandates that have destroyed businesses, lives and more were not necessary and actually countered sound policy. These high level doctors, from the beginning, advocated for focused protection of those who are medically vulnerable, allowing others not in the risk group to continue on with work and school. We must explore this crime against humanity, as we endured not only a fascist directive from the very political leaders asking to be re elected, but fell into nothing less than a big tech/big pharma coup who got the greatest transfer of wealth these two years that has ever been recorded in history.

It’s time to talk. And it’s time to advocate education in our schools that gives permission to ask bold questions.


Barbara McVeigh 2022 candidate for Tamalpais Union High School District,
Marin County.

Barbara is an educator, writer and mother ready for the exciting changes to support teachers and students to thrive using critical thinking and creative leadership in a new era of education.
Please vote in 2022!



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