Film – Racing with Copepods

Racing with Copepods is a 20 minute film I cowrote and produced with film director Carlos Grana of Bazooka Mama Productions, thanks to a grant from The Schmidt Family Foundation. The film features 12 future ocean stewards and our great oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle of Mission Blue taking a stand not just for our oceans but for all humanity.

Here is the trailer.

Radio Interview with Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Racing with Copepods can be used in schools, libraries and other educational venues. We kindly ask you contact us if you use the film and provide us feedback.



Twelve middle school youths take a race sailing course where they study the fastest animal on earth, copepods. In the process they connect with the natural marine world and become advocates for its well-being.

Documentary, 19 minutes
Director: Carlos Graña
Producer: Barbara McVeigh
Narrator: Kimball Livingston
Featuring: Dr Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer

A project of Sailing Education Adventures with support from the Romberg Tiburon Center and the Derek M. Baylis Ocean Research Vessel.


Official Selection - Environmental Youth Forum - 2017