Celebrant of Art, Life & Death

Life is a gift. Life is sacred.

As a Celebrant of Art, Life & Death, I seek to bring ritual, community and honor when a loved one has passed and support the family and community through the process.

One of our greatest gifts to return after death is to contribute to renewal of our natural world. With that intention, I can help offer approaches to ceremony, burial and bereavement that connects the spirit of nature to the lives both the living and the dead.

Art is manifestation of creation, as life is an art form, the death process can also be ignited by beauty, dignity and love to ensure the memory and spirit of life continues for all.

My work in storytelling, both through film, books and media highlights the passion I have to share the narratives of lives, that of the humor, challenges, successes, families and journeys. It’s an honor for me to serve you.

You may contact me for more information:
barbara.mcveigh.writer at gmail.com