American Political Leaders: Denounce China!

It’s gone way too far. And if our American political leaders do not denounce China’s famine lockdown in Shanghai, they are literally sanctioning such power by any government.

The people of Shanghai are enduring not only a lockdown that is pitting them into hunger, poverty and psychological torment, but children are being removed from parents, pets are being culled and this action will lead to an economic global crash in just a few months as cargo ships are piling up at the ports.

What a lesson we are going to endure as we recognize the fact that for over 20 years we have relied on not only a communist, but an authoritarian government for the production of our American goods, including technology, household devices and just about anything you see in a department store.

What is China’s game? Taiwan.

I lived in China twenty years ago and served as a teacher at one of the top universities. I understood then, as a I do now, that Taiwan has been disputed land since the 1949 Cultural Revolution. Taiwan has lived into a fairly democratic society since and has thrived, as Hong Kong once had too. However, as we look at Hong Kong now and recognize the lock down they endured also had the consequence of usurping all the prodemocracy leaders and media, silencing many of them and arresting the others, it doesn’t take a fancy degree that these covid lockdowns are a weapon against prodemocracy activists and anyone who threatens the authoritarian leaders.

Shanghai has been the other economic financial center of China and has been fairly progressive with a good dose of freedom. The lockdowns in Shanghai are breaking down the people and putting thousands into quarantine concentration camps and pitting others into a psychological arena where they are literally going hungry and insane. What a perfect scenario when they move toward Taiwan using the excuse of covid, which has been weaponized against the people in order to break down any dissenters who challenge the government.

China is no doubt watching how the US is handling the Ukraine. And while Putin and the Chinese government align, we have here in the United States no political leader who has stepped forward to denounce China and its famine lockdown. By not denouncing China, our political leaders are sanctioning such lockdowns. That should put the fear of god into every one us.

What can you do?

1) Call every one of your political leaders and vocally tell them to denounce China. Then, put it in writing to your political leaders that you spoke or left a message to their staff and what that message was. Post that letter on social media and mail it to your political leaders, including senators, congress and governors. Don’t forget Biden.

2) Do not buy anything from China. Tell your stores this and it’s high time we start taking care of our own things. Get creative.

3) Reach out to your Chinese friends and tell them what you are doing. Ask them to join you, making sure they feel safe and not attacked.

4) Print out messages (or even write them down) and pass them along to people in the streets. Here is mine. Protesting is fine, but it turns people off. A hello to folks on the street, telling them that you are concerned and here is some information may set a better tone. We need a plan and we need unity.

5) Stay positive. Every generation gets an opportunity to show who and what they are. This is our chance to prove the power of unity, compassion, and smarts . . . it’s time rise and shine, folks. And we can do it and be better off than ever before.

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