Response to Trudeau and Other Leaders Who Have Conspired Against The People

As Trudeau plays tyrant against the good people of his country who have far more commonsense about what it requires to have a healthy, free society than launching militaristic fear onto the streets of Ottawa. . . we have a bold message for ya’ll.

You have threatened people who have supported these truckers who exhibited nothing less than civil disobedience after lockdowns and forced closures of businesses, pitting people into poverty. With your two years of tough, fearmongering talk, we have some tough talk too. . . it’s time for criminal investigations into these leaders’ intention now that we have the evidence of the path they are creating, front and center on their government websites. It’s an industry of biometrics that will control and track each individual digitally, a value of $20 billion in Canada alone – see the screen shot that I literally took off Canada’s website myself.

Anyone who had contributed to Trudeau’s force against the good people of Canada, including the police, elected officials and big tech, need a clear message that “we, the people” will not tolerate global tyrants and we will ensure they face a trial for war crimes against humanity and be placed in prison for life.

Hear me out.

We were warned by the US Surgeon General in 2001 that “obesity is becoming an epidemic and it’s a pandemic in the making.” Given that 80% of those who have been hospitalized or died were obese and had other dietary diseases, health consequences that the US Government and clearly other governments did not address, demonstrates a will to not address one of the most dangerous health issues in our country – obesity/dietary diseases – which is the second biggest killer in our country. So, we are looking at twenty years the governments have failed the people with health and exploited the situation today for their own political gain of power and money, as they jumped in bed with big tech and big pharma.

Trudeau is example of the elitism that is driving all our nations who have submitted to the lies and keeping the people down. Literally, they are hiding behind this elephant in the room, in order to build a narrative that we have a full on pandemic, when, yet again, it’s been the vulnerable at risk, those who have not taken responsibility for their bodies and their health. One out of three adults are obese. One out of five children are obese in the United States. We are having the wrong health conversation.

During these two years, while the corporations of big tech and big pharma have maximized their profits and created systems, including tracking and tracing citizens and creating passports on our own cellphones with cohersion, they refuse to talk about health and certainly refuse to discuss the obesity issue in our country.

They have become obese themselves with corporate profits, power and corruption. It is up to the people to take charge, and we can.

Elections are coming up. Full throttle. Time for new leaders and time for us all to live in peace as we ensure we make examples of these tyrants and exploiters for all generations to understand our responsibility as maintaining peace and freedom.

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