Truck Convoy – Time For Change

As thousands of big rigs and other supporters drive across the country of Canada with a bold message for Trudeau (whose knees must be shaking, as they should), it is time for the rest of us to jump on the bandwagon and cross this divide of propaganda driven narrative and the strong truth that even the WHO has hailed “it’s wake up call.”

We do have a health crisis, but it ain’t Covid or whatever disease THEY have marketed to the people of our country. We recognize there is a completely different narrative playing out, one that has been silenced despite the fact many of us have been writing, broadcasting and posting on social media for two years and being labeled horrific names. In fact, just this past week, I was banned from Nextdoor for literally sharing published media links about this uncomfortable truth – our country has an obesity rate that has ruined it for all of us, and all of us must make this a priority in health care.

In 2001 the US Surgeon General called it out – “obesity is becoming an epidemic and it’s a pandemic in the making.” Well here we are in 2022, after a global collapse due to the unhealthy status of too many people, ensuring the visionary words of the US Surgeon General of 2001. According to Off-Guardian from Organic News, they say this:

“Brimahdata concludes that about two-thirds of ‘COVID deaths’ were patients who may be regarded as grossly unhealthy.

From the data presented above, it is clear that the vast majority of ‘COVID deaths’ (dying with COVID) are people who have serious, ongoing health conditions, the prevalence of which among the population has been rising year on year for decades and accelerating.

This is not just a calling for health, it a vibrant screaming to reorganize society based on a human rights commitment that our land, water, food systems and advocacy for health are all connected to our civil liberties, democracy and power as the people.

We MUST end the attack on healthy people, especially our healthy children, because that is what is happening as a few bank billions off the people while pitting too many in a state of poverty. The high tech industry and big pharma, as well as our government, must be held accountable for the egregious exploitation they have exhibited these last two years in favor of power and money. The corporate media must be held accountable for pushing their propaganda instead of providing the public service of proper journalism.

It is high time to start talking about an entire shake up of corporate power and return to the power of community, schools and families to re energize ourselves and take charge.

1) Support Alliance for Community Media, a direct link to public forums, community government and localized nonprofit news

2) Our schools get support to become epicenters for our children to learn about food systems and land restoration

3) Vibrant nature programs for youth. Outdoor education has been linked to good health

4) Heavy fines on big tech for gross exploitation these last two years

5) California creates a health commission to investigate the true statistics of these past two years of Covid deaths and who has profitted.

6) Lawsuit against the government, big pharma and lobbyists of junk food purveyors for their gross negligence of 20 years of rising obesity.

These are just the beginning ideas of how to move forward. And let’s continue to build this road map as the truckers in Canada provide us with a reminder of who we are as the people – we are in charge and it’s time to take charge.

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