Fundraising with Trash – More Honest Than Our Elite Political Leaders – My Campaign for California Governor 2022

We have three objects in my family, artwork, beautifully hand sculpted wooden statues that were created by prison inmates and given to my great grandfather – a cougar, a table and a figure of my grandfather as an old man. We are so grateful for this artwork and I wish today to thank those prison artisans who have kept alive the spirit of my great grandfather who was not only a prison warden at Folsom State Prison, but also a poor immigrant from Sweden who took a ship around Cape Horn and nearly died of scurvy. He had to jump ship in Mexico and travel north to California working as a strongman for a circus. He had big dreams about our country and he always spoke with respect.

I remember saying goodbye to him before he died. He sat in a nursing home, frail and old. I was but a small child. My father told me to kiss his forehead and to tell him I loved him, ensuring I did so gently and carefully. My great grandfather smiled and he died just days later.

I learned from my great grandfather and those prison inmates the power of art, healing and how to be gentle. And most importantly, not to harshly judge a person but try to understand and do what we can to help others – as those prison inmates helped us keep a memory alive.

We now know that even a person in prison can create beauty and valuable work that holds value and dreams for generations to come, as these prison wood sculptors did for my family.

Such are values we can live by as we move forward in this great beautiful State of California, and maybe beyond. And this is my commitment to you as California Governor.

It is time for truth, justice and accountability to reign . . . let’s call it the “Corona Age”, if we must. . .the queen’s era of strength, beauty, health and generosity. We can do it.

As stated previously, I need to raise about $5,000 to put my name on the ballot for my run for California Governor 2022. It is time for a real person to step in, from the ground and the trenches, and change the course of our State of California, recognizing the deep needs of the people and someone who has the courage to hold accountable 40 years of the most grotesque pillaging of the people with economic, labor, environmental and health policies that have hurt the people, a time I call The Reagan Era.

I am that person to create the change needed. . . and it’s not political for me. It’s personal.

I am raising money for my campaign by resourcing trash found in my apartment complex appropriately named Sherwood in the town of Fairfax . . .what could be more poetic? Let’s live the Robin Hood dream of reshaping society to be just for the people with fairness and facts and end the corporate/billionaire scams that are ruining our beautiful State of California.

I’m happy to announce the first object has sold on Ebay, to none other than an individual from the prison town Angola, Louisiana, someone who understands the meaning of “People First” which I will hold near and dear to me through my campaign. This individual not only bought the box which I scavenged from our trash, something clearly of value that was destined to be forgotten and thrown into landfill to be buried. . . the person overbid the asking price by three times! We have hope in our nation. . the spirit of believing that we can recreate that which has been nearly forgotten and almost thrown away for ever.

Thank you. My political campaign has officially kicked off – power back to the people! And let’s rise as artists, creators and healers of a new age!

People First.

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