Medical Tyranny Reigns in The US

Our system is completely upside down.

A US doctor will make about $150,000 a year out of medical school. A psychiatrist will make abut $225,000 a year out of school.

A school teacher simultaneously responsible for the physical, emotional and mental health of about 30 children at once receives about $30,000 a year while they struggle to maintain their own physical, emotional and mental health.

We have fattened a system of chronic disease. Doctors are now in the game of “discovering” a new disease in the name of identity politics and fame.

Where are the doctors working as activists to shame the lobbyists who push the junk food industry? Where are the doctors who are fighting a health system that does not work for the people?

They don’t exist. Why should they? The medical field has become a power play – big money and control.

Our system is completely upside down.

In 2001 The US Surgeon General pushed a report about calling out rising obesity in our nation. “It’s a pandemic in the making”, he said. And with an ounce of commonsense, anyone could see that when you have an unhealthy society, any strong bug can and will take you down. It’s not a surprise that 80% of those who died/hospitalized were obese, a preventable condition that is the second killer in our nation. And yet, the junk food industry gets away with murder. Today 1 out of 5 children are obese. 1 out of 3 adults are obese. The military has claimed we face a national security threat given that 74% of the young people don’t qualify because of their health.

Our system is completely upside down.

We need a major reshaping of our public schools and look at models that teach children how to eat and allow children their natural right of natural play. We need a reeducation for families to recognize what is healthy and what is not. We MUST turn this game around. Teachers need good training, parents need choices and we must focus on health as culture not as a medical cash cow as big pharma cashes out billions on our people.

Hold the medical establishment criminally responsible for a 20 year failure and let’s turn this game around.

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