The Shaman in The White House – END 40 YEARS OF VOODOO ECONOMICS

Was it truly a surprise to see a self described Shaman take position in The White House during the January 6 Insurrection when we’ve had 40 years of “Voodoo Economics” driven by President Ronald Reagan?

What does it take in this country to recognize that we are on the verge of ending an era driven by Reagan’s policies that have failed not only the Baby Boomers but all generations on this planet? From trickle down economics, knock down of labor unions, knock down of the Fairness Doctrine Ruling and the killing of President Jimmy Carter’s First Green Deal, all of which combined have exacerbated a society driven by corruption, money and power?

Where is the accountability for this era that has nearly uprooted our democracy and robbed the people of their power?

Let’s start with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and the level of hypocrisy we have in our politics that surely need to be cleansed if we are to grow with integrity and justice. She must be held accountable for her actions supporting the “The GOP Hero” Ronald Reagan. She is the one who helped raise the Reagan statue in Washington DC representing my home state of California. How is it possible that she, a Democrat, got away with endorsing The Republican President without any outrage by the citizens of this country? Her very action with Reagan is a show that we have a one party system – a party loyal to big corporate money and not to the people.

And that has been the problem. There is no accountability of our politicians by the people. And it’s been a generational agenda to not bring accountability to the politicians because if we hold them accountable for their actions then that same generation – The Baby Boomers – must hold themselves accountable to the greatest lie of these last 40 years, a generation that has played with big wars, corruption, climate change (post President Carter who tried to stop it) and big tech/big pharma/big corporate unchecked power.

The Shaman in The White House should be a message to us all. . . it’s time to clean up Washington DC and all US politics with a rising nation and a pursuit of every legal ends possible to END THE REAGAN ERA.

We need to begin an era of accountability, to focus on anti trust laws to break the corporate stranglehold on the American people and build policies for the people so we can create our own future without the shackles of trickle down economics, high debt and big government telling us what to do.

Reagan is the shadow in this country. And we don’t talk about it because anyone in the system – from politicians, media and corporate power – benefit from The Reagan Policies of trickle down and labor issues. So, it’s up to “we, the people” to take on this fight, change our educational models, create systems that work for us and not them and take charge of our health, food and schools.

We are not better off than we were Pre Reagan 40 years ago especially given the state of fires, climate change, economics, corporate power, health and more. Perhaps it’s a calling for the shamans around the world to stand up and show their power, if that’s what it takes to end The Reagan Era and move toward a time of peace, harmony and joy.

And while I don’t ever advocate violence or even condone the actions of those who attacked Washington, let’s just take a deep breath to recognize the truth of what this country has grown to be these last 40 years and then do right.

There is a calling to now be reminded of the 1981 National Strike in this country, when Vietnam Veterans working as air traffic controllers paid witness to the lies of our government and had the guts to stand up to the government and walk out of their jobs to demand fair wages and honesty politics when they saw that Ronald Reagan had lied. They were the last community in this country who had guts and held their government accountable for truth and justice – without any violence. They are our heroes today.

It is time for fair wages in this country. It is time for truth and honest. And more than anything, it’s time for the people to come together with unity and stand up to a government that relies on big money and corporate power to rule the people of our nation.

So, let’s swing our politics – not left and not right – but full circle, back to President Jimmy Carter and ethos he has lived by, standing for our democracy and for the people. He never left us and he’s still here. More than ever, we can understand the wisdom Carter governed at the time in the late 1970s when he faced a generation of baby boomers who threw him under the bus in favor of Reagan who opened up the doors to greed and exploitation, resulting in our threatened democracy today.

It’s high time for a generation to bow down with some humility and maybe even give this Shaman a little credit, even if you don’t like how he got there (and yes, he needs to be held accountable for his actions). It’s time for a new generation of people to take charge – with peace, always peace, and in the same spirit as those in 1981 showed us how to do it. A national strike. Here is my wish list:

1. Trump and Obama apologize to each other
2. Nancy Pelosi steps down and apologizes for hypocrisy.
3. Remove the Reagan Statue from Washington DC that represents California
4. Add the 1981 Union Members of the National Strike to the US Labor Hall of Fame, just above the image of Ronald Reagan.
5. The Reagan Museum in Los Angeles is converted into a National Propaganda Museum to show how big business and corrupt politics nearly took down a planet.
6. The United States celebrates President Jimmy Carter, with an overt apology for not listening to him in 1979 after “the Crisis of Confidence” Speech

7. America gets to work, unwinding the 40 years of Reagan economic, health, education, environmental and labor policies . . . power back to the people with kindness, collaboration, generosity and fairness.

It’s time to “Jimmy” this country and bring back truth and integrity.

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