The Sherwood Garbage Heap . . . and My Run For California Governor 2022

The time for the shift is now, a new era to expose the garbage of big politics that cater to corrupt corporations while pitting the people into poverty.

It’s time to clean up the mess, a 40 year era. The political message in my campaign walks the talk, starting with the garbage heap here in Sherwood in the little town of Fairfax where some like to believe there is still fairness and facts in our great State of California.

Eat your heart out, Robin Hood.

I understand deeply what it means to barely survive economically while not being able to get a foothold into a state of thriving . . . those of us who are merely surviving are helping those in great need, “the needy” who clearly need big houses, big cars and big fancy vacations while they pay us a pittance.

My family stood up to the President of United States in the great 1981 National Strike for fair wages and honesty in politics and we lost everything for it.

Running for California Governor is not political for me. It’s personal.

My run for governor aims to change the status quo and bring equity, fairness and dignity to the people of this state that I love, my birth state and a place I have called home my whole life.

Right now, I need to raise money to pay for my name on the ballot. You can help . . . and together we will send a direct message to all the corrupt political leaders and big power that “we the people” are the ones in charge and have the power to solve our own problems with the right policies in place that don’t merely favor those with big money while using us as their pawns.

First up, to help my campaign, a box found at the Sherwood garbage pit . . . and the launch of my campaign. Money raised from the garbage pit goes directly to my name on the ballot so I can be in position to take a stand for the working people of this state and clean up the mess.

Let’s do this!

End the charade

“First they created fear, then they created an enemy who appeared dangerous and divided the nation, while big pharma and big tech cashed out billions, making the people go broke, refusing them jobs, school and free speech. Then they built surveillance and tracking and tracing mechanisms to ensure their plan for power against anyone who questioned their authority, whilst blaming the problem on healthy people and children. We are in the midst of undeclared WW3, against the people.” – Barbara McVeigh