How to Live An Anticapitalist Lifestyle In The Most Elite County In The US

Being the daughter of a federal criminal under President Ronald Reagan, the kingpin of neoliberalism, who rolled in full score the exploits and greed of capitalism these last 40 years, I have had an unyielding passion to end 40 years of the Reagan Era that has devastated the middle class, created climate change (post Carter’s warning), knocked down labor unions, knocked down the media Fairness Doctrine Ruling, created the billionaire corruption and political propaganda. . .after Jimmy Carter had tried to set it straight.

It’s not political for me. It’s personal.

As I hear narratives pointing to our politicians to set things straight, little me is standing here saying “wait, folks, WE HAVE POWER!” But, we keep giving up our power, as the people, when we look to our politicians for the answers or our corporate overlords to give us help. It is NOT in their interest to serve us little people! They have elections to win or money to make, both of which requires power. Their loyalty resides with the money people, the capitalists. They will not change.

It’s up to “we, the people” to change. We have a choice, as the people, to take charge or keep complaining about injustices. It’s time to return to our roots, get local and get active. It’s one of the greatest adventures possible to recreate our values and our way of living with intention and responsibility with a bold middle finger to the elites.

My great uncle used to shake his head at me when I trotted off for global excursions. “Why leave when you have everything here?” he’d say.

He was right. As a Marin resident county resident, a county that can boast of a median house cost of about 1.5 million dollars, I raise my hand that I am proving you can buck the system. It may not get you invitations to cocktail parties, but you can find a tribe and begin taking down the capitalistic, greed oriented lifestyle that has ruined our nation and planet and live a valuable, richly spirited, safe and spiritual life.

Here are a few tips.

Lifestyle tips for the anticapitalist:

  • Sharing housing. Get roommates and live small. Big garages and big houses are way overrated.
  • Clothing, accessories – buy used or better yet, trade with others. Better yet? Make yourself.
  • Food banks . . . food banks. Food banks.
  • Wild food harvesting and DIY gardening. Food swaps.
  • Read books and unhook from technology. Buy books straight from authors! They are on your side, as surviving artists.
  • Get a flip phone, if you need a phone. Unplug from texting and all those annoying text/email ads. Your life will calm down considerably!
  • Take the bus and find all the great things to do where the bus goes . . . make it an adventure!
  • Find a job for 30 hours or less, so you have time to listen and think for yourself.
  • Get active with nonprofit organizations. There are many inexpensive cultural groups, lodges and others who collaborate to share resources, education, food, works and fun.
  • Get active with unions, and help stand for those in your community to make a decent wage.
  • Don’t travel far and focus on local excursions, by public transportation.
  • Buy from local shops, such as bread and other essentials, not big chain stores. Or start a coop!
  • Buy food that is made with co op values or money goes to nonprofits!
  • Going vegan is great, too . . . reduces carbon footprint!
  • Gamp! Instead of buying expensive camping supplies, create a beautiful garden with medicinal plants and sleep outside under the stars, without going too far.
  • Can your food and buy from local farmers, as much as possible. Trade with friends and/or start a local trade with others.
  • Make something that others can use, like soaps or balms and trade essentials with friends!
  • Eat healthy and sit at the table practicing the grace and glory of a dignified meal. It’s a blessing.
  • Go hiking, or other healthy activities! Find what is local to you and dive deep!

Slow down! Life is a journey and those most privy to the blessings of a beautiful community needn’t travel so far. . . when you’re happy, there is no reason to seek happiness.

3 thoughts on “How to Live An Anticapitalist Lifestyle In The Most Elite County In The US

  1. alan2102

    Great advice! I can’t believe I am the only one to comment and say so.
    It is not just “anticapitalist” it is pro-environment in a very big way. The biggest
    single contribution to environmental sanity is living on less income. If you need
    more than ~30K per year as a single person, something is wrong with your
    choices and way of thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. alan2102

      Sorry about the carriage returns in above message. Wish I could edit it.



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