Protest Against Our Schools – No Mandates

Dear Archie Williams High School,

I am standing with the national strike today to exercise my right to protest against the Covid vaccination mandates that our government is issuing on students and schools are complying with.

My 14 year old son XXXXXX will not be attending school today.

While many nations have recognized the risk of the vaccine on young people and that this disease has not been an issue for healthy people, it is high time to stop what is nothing less than a forced injection on our bodies. It is a choice and must remain a choice, without consequences such as being denied employment, being terminated or denied an education without an injection.

It is far better to look at the health of our nation, starting with the warning by the US Surgeon General in 2001 that obesity is becoming an epidemic and “it’s a pandemic in the making”, given obesity is worse for one’s health than smoking cigarettes and puts people in a state of vulnerability.

One out of three adults are obese. One out of eight children are obese. The health status of our nation has been called a national security threat given “over half of all Americans aged 17-24 have disqualifying weight or chronic health issues” for military service.

Without good health, anyone with commonsense understands that a body is vulnerable to any strong bug, putting us all at risk for pandemics and related national economic threats.. Nearly 80% of those who died last year, according to the CDC, were obese, diabetic, hypertension – issues directly related to food/health choices.

While our schools continue to feed our kids Cocoa Puffs and other junk food, we are directly contributing to a health crisis in this country.

Furthermore, I protest “vaccine passports,” a euphemism for tracking and tracing “the people,” a direct violation of our civil liberties and privacy.

This is NOT a world I wish for my son and I stand against it. And I hope Archie Williams High School chooses to do the right thing and stands up to these mandates and show our children what true education and real health should look like.

Archie Williams could be the beacon of freedom in this stand against what has become nothing less than authoritarianism. Instead of the government forcing mandates on us “the people” and pushing big pharma injections and big tech monitoring, we ought to hold the government, including Marin County’s Dr. Willis, accountable for war crimes against humanity, for not owning up to this failure in health management that has manifested into not only a national security threat, but has exploited the people, especially our children, as our country continues to subsidize junk food corporations. Dr. Willis has failed to discuss and act on the direct correlation of obesity and Covid vulnerability and should be fired immediately for profiteering off a crisis and using authoritarian power, a problem that is a direct result of the failure of 20 years of national health management.

Barbara McVeigh, parent

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