California Governor 2022 – Announcing

Yes, That’s Right!
Believe and never stop.

It’s time for major healing of the land, water, body and spirit of this great state. It’s time for a new era and to end the 40 year cycle of The Reagan Era with trickle down economics, billionaire/corporate exploitation, and
working class poor.

We can take lead again here in California, as we did in the late 1970s, to show what true healing, collaboration, cooperation and unity can look like. We’ve done it before and we will do it again.

Truth needs to scream right now and our youth need support. As my campaign gets off the ground, I will share bold ideas how we can make that happen and show our kids that we truly do care about their future.

Whoever wins tomorrow’s California election, it will not matter. What matters is “we, the people,” as the people have far greater power than any elected official when we band together.

Each Thursday night from 7-8pm PST, I will hold a Zoom talk with a growing community. Please join us and get on the “home ship” because we’re sailing home, back to a thriving, artistic, educated, beautiful and proud California.

Join us by emailing me:
barbara.mcveigh.writer AT gmail DOT com

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