Government – don’t lie to me! – The Unravelling of insanity

A new sense of respect will rise for those in 1981 who stood up to President Ronald Reagan to demand political honesty and fair wages by the end of this summer. The words of my great uncle seem to speak now . . . “you got to feel it in order to understand it.”

As this past year’s insanity unravels, we get to see who were the true victims of “covid,” that mystery disease that came from a bat, a lab or maybe from nowhere . . . a question that hasn’t held much weight until now after so many feel relieved by a jab, a miracle cure that came out of nowhere. Dare to question any of it pitted you into the low grade status of being anti vax, science critic or Trump supporter. Now our kids are on the chopping block . . . ready to be thrown into this insanity. But the results are in, and this is what I see . . .without the propaganda. These are the facts.

Seventy eight percent (78%!) of those who died or were hospitalized were obese, diabetic or had other health related issues directly connected to diet and lifestyle choices. Did I say that loud enough? I would scream it, if I could.

The Surgeon General called it out in 2001 that obesity was becoming an epidemic, a condition worse than smoking cigarettes. He also said such a condition is a pandemic ready to happen. People’s health is vulnerable.

That, my friends, is the smoking gun in this insanity. Our country is literally eating themselves to death with junk food, pizza, hamburgers and hotdogs.

Healthy people weathered all this pretty well . . . remember, covid has “flulike” symptoms while those who weren’t even sick were shamefully called asymptomatic and super spreaders.

The WHO has said that this is a wake up call for us all – time to get healthy and we could dance and celebrate our way back to a genuinely healthy society.

When this fully unravels, the Nuremberg Trials will be small potatoes. Every doctor, politician and big tech/media, corporate junk food purveyor who controlled the narrative should be fired and be brought to the courts for war crimes against humanity for shutting down a democracy with fear, control and domination, allowing big tech to cash out with billions, while Musk launched Starlink, the US gained a new military arm and 5G got launched earning billions from our government to do so.

Let the games begin. The prison system should be robust after these upcoming trials and lawyers will be generating an economic recovery. I’ve got my unbuttered popcorn ready to watch.

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