Hold Fauci accountable for the deaths

Two thirds of the people who died of Covid had major obesity, diabetic issues, according to the CDC and the WHO.


The Surgeon General called obesity a growing epidemic in 2001 and nothing has been done to curb the uptick to today’s 70% rate of obesity in our country.

But why? It’s simple. Corporate junk food lobbyists and big pharma contribute to our politicians – it’s not in their interest to have a healthy population. Period. It’s called having power and making a buck off the vulnerable.

Under Fauci’s watch these last 20 years, he did nothing to curb this epidemic, one that led to the vulnerability of thousands of deaths of Covid this past year.

We are having the wrong conversation in this country as healthy people get doped up on injections. We need a health revolution of body, land, water and spirit and hold Fauci guilty of war crimes against humanity as he cashed out these last 20 years.

Scream it. Those were American lives that could have been saved.


Read more:

WASHINGTON —Dec. 14, 2001 12 AM PT

The nation’s epidemic of obesity is almost as menacing to health as smoking, the U.S. surgeon general said Thursday as he called on Americans to eat less and exercise more.

Deaths related to obesity have reached 300,000 a year, said Dr. David Satcher, compared with 400,000 deaths annually from illnesses associated with smoking. Heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and various forms of cancer have all been linked to obesity, Satcher said.

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