My Platform – Time for School Reform


Taking on the Global Challenge
The Future of Education for TUHSD

America is facing a crisis.
Our schools can be the pillars for solutions.
Think BIG.

Problems (short list):
– 50% loss of global Wildlife in past 40 years
– acidification of oceans
– melting polar icecaps
– 50% dead coral reefs in past 40 years
– lack of compassion and social justice
– contaminated drinking water for profit
– 500 US mountain tops removed for dirty coal
– horrific animal factory farming
– only 3% food is grown organically nationally
– loss of integrity

Solutions (short list):
– Defund aggressive male dominated sports (football)
– Fund gardens to connect to food and collaboration
– Fund more art, dance & music
– Adopt animals/create animal sanctuary to learn responsibility 
(Giraffe? Elephant? Cows and Pigs?)
– Engage in problem solving with real life issues
– Join Marin County’s initiative DRAWDOWN
– Students get three weeks out of school to pursue national, international conferences, projects for social justice, peace and/or environment to be the leaders of 
our nation and our world
– Plant based, organic, plastic free lunches only
– Electric bike commuting sourced and funded

Barbara McVeigh for TUHSD 
NOVEMBER 6, 2018

Yep, she’s sticking her neck out 
with these AMAZING ideas. 
Be the solution, not the problem. 
Join her and have confidence 
our local public school community can make magic and BE the model for our nation.






Peter Coyote
Learner Limbach, General Manager at Orcas Food Co-op

“Barbara is a nimble systems thinker with and acute grasp on the present, informed by a her experience, and an understanding of the history that got us here.”
-Michael Stocker, Writer and Ocean Conservationist

“Barbara McVeigh is passionate about education. Her work in television has been a powerful tool for spreading much-needed awareness on environmental issues. Barbara would be a great influence on a school board, given her wealth of understanding about how to take complex issues and make them accessible, engaging, and memorable. Her commitment to communities, to human rights, to finding solutions to the challenges facing our planet, would make her a positive force in shaping how children need to be nurtured and inspired. I warmly recommend Barbara McVeigh for Member of the Board of Trustees for the Tamalpais Union High School District.”
– Etelle Higonnet, Environmentalist

Barbara McVeigh should not only be on a school board, but advising the State of California on education in my opinion. She has seen first-hand with eyes wide open the impact school has had on her and other children. With Barbara’s background as a deeply committed advocate for human rights and environmental protection, unwavering and fearless, always committed to her principles even when it isn’t the most popular to do so, she would bring a breath of committed change, for the right reasons, to the schools that are now, more than ever, so very much in need. Our children’s minds, bodies and spirits are not nurtured, nor even remotely cared for, in our current school system. It can be fixed, and engaging Barbara will help.
                           – April Peebler, Founder of Heirs to Our Oceans

I confidently recommend Barbara McVeigh for the position of Member of the Board of Trustees for the Tamalpais Union High School District. Barbara is committed to education and creating a positive vision for our youth. In my years of working with Barbara at Sailing Education Adventures, I have found her totally trustworthy and incorruptible. If you want to see an honest, generous, caring person devoted to our young people, join me in supporting Barbara McVeigh for Member of the Board of Trustees.
– Joe Rouse, 
President, Sailing Education Adventures

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