Time for Change – Our Schools Can Save America

It’s an amazing experience running for public office. Everyone should dip into the opportunity. The contrived stories that begin to arise and the anger and hatred toward anything you say drives conversation in ways I could never imagine. I’m in awe.

So, let’s up the ante why I’m really running for the board of the Tamalpais Union High School District. Is it because I’m a Betsy de Vos fan and aim to change our public institutions into private schools or charter schools? Is it because I’m dangerous?

First off, let me assure anyone that I have NOTHING to do with the GOP agenda, especially given my family took a stand against its Hero in 1981 and we lost everything for it. But, if you wish to categorize me as dangerous, let’s go with it.

Many of us are tired of the high level competition driven in our public schools. We are the kind people who appreciate collaboration and nurturing, not bullying and ego building which many of us see has been the driving energy in many of our public schools. Why on earth is a football team the epicenter of school spirit and why am I paying for a male dominate dominated sport that fosters aggression, violence and ego about a rubber ball with girls in short skirts on the sidelines cheering the grunting, sweating boys? This is an example of how backwards our public schools have become and why should I pay for this crap?

Instead, let’s focus on our horrific problems in our country where our food is saturated with poison, animals are horrifically diseased and abused in animal factories and our children are so disconnected from any of these truths while we go on our merry way believing that getting them into a high level university is considered progress and success. We are absolutely backwards in our narrative about schooling in America. That might be one truth where I do agree with Trump’s idea but certainly not his plan.

So, this is what I proposed:

Uproot the football fields and plant organic corn fields or other agricultural crops and get the kids dirty and connected to the most vital thing in life – OUR FOOD.

And, if you are really worried about losing mascots, let’s just up the ante. Don’t think small and fake, think big and authentic:


Let’s create animal sanctuaries to help with nurturing and connection to what is REAL in our world besides rubber balls and astro turf. Our students can learn and connect and smile and laugh . . . while learning to nurture and respect life. All life.

Crazy? That’s right because this country has become insane with its lack of vision, compassion and respect for life.

Let’s start respecting ALL people, not just those with money and big houses, but also the janitor, the clerk, the plumber and those around us who can teach us about culture, music and the arts. Let’s start dancing and singing and gather together in ways that unite all of us instead of that which divides us.

And most of all, let’s start educating our children with what’s important in life. It’s high time. And that will be my stand as a public school trustee.

Scared? Good.

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