Trader Joe’s Is a Fraud

Yep, I used to like it too. But we are reshaping what we like as we understand the consequences of the values we’ve been living by – because how we’ve been living is destroying a planet.

Take this “neighborhood store.” Now, I used to think the store was a feel good place. Love the products, love the vibe. But, have you ever stopped to really look at what you’re buying. Try this – stand in aisle and just look at ALL THE PLASTICS!

So, at the check out counter I asked the clerk about the plastic wraps, containers, plastic bands around plants, plastic bags of fruit, etc. etc. and I told her I’m feeling more guilty shopping at this store. She glumly looked at me and said “Not my problem. Go talk to management.” So, of course, I did. And they pretty much said the same thing. “Contact corporate.”

Well, after thinking about it for a few weeks, I’ve come to a frame of mind. That clerk is getting a paycheck. Management is getting paycheck. They are earning a living because of the plastics and they are doing nothing to change the problem. Therefore, they are part of the problem.

We need to empower ourselves. These damn corporations are not only destroying the environmental world of our children with their products but they are not taking responsibility for the problem. Good people are driving themselves into financial holes in order to advocate change on behalf of all of us.

It’s time Corporations take responsibility too.


Fund organizations that are trying to do something about plastic problems. All One Ocean, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Heirs to Our Oceans, Mission Blue are a few organization that are doing great work for you and for me.

And scream loud like I’m about to do.

The People’s Environmental News Season Two begins in February. It’s gorilla time. And Trader Joes will be our example.

AND, check out my interview December 17 on FCC Free Radio with Lilycat. I’ll be talking about my book Redemption, How Ronald Reagan Nearly Ruined My Life and I promise it will be a lively conversation about economics, environment, big business and more.

Trump is doing exactly what Ronald Reagan did 35 years ago . . . those policies have ruined our middle class in America and has environmentally nearly destroyed this planet. It’s time to kick this environmental movement into high gear action FAST. Power to the people, now.

And time to come clean.



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